2024 General Elections: A Call for Critical Analysis!

A Letter from the Bath Time Editorial Committee

*** We encourage readers to be critical in their analysis of all party candidates***

Dear Bath Time readers,

With the 2024 General Election fast approaching on the 4th of July, it is pertinent to really question the content we will consume over the coming weeks both online and in print, as each British political party show their cards. As a student-led magazine and committee, we may be a small publication, but we aim to uphold journalistic values of being fair, accurate and honest. Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of articles covering the election and we think it fitting to give you an overview before doing so!

While we recognise that you may disagree with certain political parties, ideas and manifestos, it remains important to engage with all candidates in the constituency to not only keep you informed but to have the opportunity to critically engage with their statements and challenge points that are morally unsound or unsubstantiated. As directed by the SU to ensure fair representation of the parties running in the Bath constituency, we plan to cover the general election by providing you with factual information about how to vote, party manifestos as well as provide a written account of the interviews we have conducted with the Bath Parliamentary candidates. Regarding the interviews, we must invite all candidates for interview. We attempt to be fair with our questions but also understand the importance of holding figures accountable for unsubstantiated claims.

We encourage all readers to critically approach these articles as well as the manifestos and wider news coverage to gain a more nuanced understanding of what each political party is offering. Are they giving you a viable alternative? Are they only criticising the opposition? How much of their arguments are generalisations or directed at division through culture wars? Are claims unsubstantiated? Are they purely anecdotal with no hard evidence?

Ask the question why?

We stress the need to really critically engage with what candidates are saying, and use your education and initiative to further investigate policies to understand what they really mean for the UK.

Happy reading!

The Bath Time Editorial Committee

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