Jayda Pechova of team Bath Netball as Team Bath play Saracens Mavericks in the Netball Superleague on March 15, 2024 at the Team Bath Arena. (Photo by Will Cooper/Feverpitch)

Hopes remain high for Team Bath following a fine performance! 

On Friday the 15th of March, Team Bath took on Saracens Mavericks at the Team Bath Arena.

With ten teams in the Super League franchise, the Saracens were sixth before this match, and Team Bath in ninth. The crowd was lined with adoring fans from local schools and netball clubs, eager for the match to start. After a dramatic entrance where the players ran onto the court between sparklers, the match began.

Sophie Kelly of Team Bath Netball as Team Bath play Saracens Mavericks in the Netball Superleague on March 15, 2024 at the Team Bath Arena. (Photo by Will Cooper/Feverpitch)

First quarter:

Team Bath dominated the first quarter ending on 15-12.

Saracens took the first centre pass, leading to the first goal. However, Bath quickly responded with a goal from Kelly, which initiated their lead spanning the whole of the first quarter. Big cheers from the crowd encouraged them further, with Bath taking control of the Saracens centre pass. Speedy goals from Bath ensured their lead, with the Saracens attempting, and failing, to close the gap. The last 20 seconds proved difficult for the home team, missing two goals just before the buzzer went off. Little did they know this winning streak would not last much longer…

Second quarter:

At first, Bath sustained this lead, but soon some pressure on Bath was visible as the Saracens’ Venter picked up the pace and consistency. Speedy back-and-forth goals lifted the score, with Bath still in the lead. However, a switch-up of players in the home team, with Dyke now at WA and Maslen at C, was a key turning point. The Saracens began to break through Bath’s attack, with Venter utilising split landings and bounce passes to score goal after goal.

Kelly created a glimpse of hope for Bath, as she scored in the final 18 seconds of the quarter, diminishing the Saracens’ lead of 5 goals to 4. The first half ended on 24-30.

Kadeen Corbin of Team Bath Netball looks for a pass. (Photo by Will Cooper/Feverpitch)


Bath Cheer brought the energy with their wowing routine to pop songs to the like of Disturbia, boosting the mood as Team Bath prepared for the second half.

Third quarter:

Bath scored first, but this was not enough as Saracens continued their lead throughout the quarter. Venter posed a challenge to Team Bath’s defence, lowering morale amongst the crowd and the team. At 36-47 to the Saracens, Kelly was taken off and Burton was brought on, bringing new energy to the game. In the last 30 seconds, both teams missed an opportunity to shoot: potentially exhausted from Venter’s 17 goals in 15 minutes.

Final quarter:

The final quarter started on 37-49, and Bath’s determination to stay in the game caused a slow first goal from the Saracens. The determination is backed by the crowd, as they cheer Bath on to score more goals than the Saracens in this final quarter. Kelly came back to the court, and scored immediately! However, Venter continued to surpass the Bath defence. In the final seconds of the match, Team Bath was unable to end with a goal, leading to the final score of 48-60 to the Saracens.

Despite the loss, spirits were still high as young fans line up to take photographs with Team Bath and the MVP, Corbin. Hopes remain high for Bath’s next match against Surrey Storm.

Team Bath fans enjoying the match (Photo by Will Cooper/Feverpitch)

Final score:

Bath – Saracens: 48-60

Team Bath:

K. Corbin (23*), S. Kelly (18*), B. Dyke, P. Maslen, L.M. Catling, K. Harris, T. Pavelin


S. Burton (7*), E. Barrie

Saracens Mavericks:

J. Gibson, G. Lees, V. Oyesola, R. Quashie, E. Rattu, E. Thacker (8*), I. Venter (49*)


B. Clarke, A. Fairclough, I. Masser, K. Rothwell (3*), A. Zaranyika

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