Bath Fashion Week Spring 2024: London, New York, Paris, Milan and… Bath!

Move over London, New York, Paris and Milan, because the City of Bath is where fashion is at.

All image credits go to Cecil Davis and the Of A Fashion Group

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to report on the Bath Fashion Society’s Fashion Show, themed ‘The Four Seasons’. The Bath Fashion Society is brand new this year, and after watching the show, I am so glad that this society was created. With over 70 people in the audience and 50 people involved in producing the event, it was definitely a night to remember for Bath’s fashionistas.

For those who love fashion, myself included, I was very excited to dress the part to attend the show and live out my Devil Wears Prada fantasy. Dressed in a trench coat and cowboy boots, I was really happy to see that most of the audience had dressed up too in support. The show was even complete with a professional photographer, Cecil Davis, who worked at the London Fashion Show a few weeks ago! He certainly added to the whole atmosphere of the show, clicking away on his camera whilst the models were walking the runway.

Like all mainstream fashion shows it had a slightly delayed start (fashionably late!), but I believe this just added to the whole of the performance and excitement held by the audience. For the show itself, I cannot begin to summarise the impressive talent and skill of the stylists, make-up artists and models. Our university is known for its STEM and Management-based courses rather than for its creative courses, however, I was surprised at the creative talent on display. 

The show was hosted by Isaac from URB who would introduce each collection which was split into two looks: Spring and Summer, followed by Autumn and Winter. In the middle of each collection was a singing performance by one of the models Kira Barton which was a great interlude. 

However, it was the Chair of the Fashion Society, Humisha, who stole the show for me, not only because of the fabulous matching pink floral suit she wore but because of the joy with which she spoke about the show and society. Organising your first-ever fashion show is a lot of work, but it was clear how proud she was of everyone and how much she loved the show. Humisha has displayed considerable talent running such a successful event, and I hope she organises another one soon.

I was lucky enough to speak to her and a few of the models and stylists after the show. Srujani, one of the many stylists, described how they had several sponsors for the event including Channi B who helped provide all the shoes for the show, and who herself had supplied shoes for NY Fashion Week this February. Other sponsors included Ganesha Handicrafts, Humanity Centered Designs and Factian, who helped the team source clothes and organise the running of the show.

Once the show was over, all the models were gathered outside the doors, wearing joggers with a full makeup look still on – very much giving the afterparty of Paris Fashion Week paparazzi photo. Whilst talking to Meghan, one of the models who walked in the show, she said that she found the dress rehearsal much scarier than the real show and that she would definitely do it again in the future. Another model, Jo, who wore a ‘snowflake ribcage’ as the only way I could describe his look, described the experience as “uplifting” and confidence-boosting. I definitely thought a few of the students were living out their dreams of being the next Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell on the runway.

I have highlighted a couple of my favourite looks below, ranging from a stunning black and gold floral dress, a double denim look, black mesh and the Autumnal fairy wings where individual leaves have been glued together by stylists Tanuska Ukidve, Sumnima Roy and Aleena Shaiju. And I think you will all agree with me that this is a very impressive collection.

After spending time with the committee members as they were packing up, they said that there was going to be an afterparty afterwards at the Slug and Lettuce. I can imagine all definitely drank some cocktails as they partied to celebrate a successful show in style.

Editor’s note: Thank you Bath Fashion Society for hosting and organising this event, and we cannot wait for the next one! Did you miss it? You can still watch the recording of the show here.

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