Divorce Performs At O2 Academy Bristol

It’s 7 pm on a Thursday and the crowd is slowly filling up the O2 Academy in Bristol. It seems that a pattern is emerging as suggested by Penny standing next to me, mother of the daughter huddled in the crowd below, with the young adults gathering in front of the stage and the parents making their way up to the balcony. The arena is already just over half full when Divorce emerges with welcoming cheers from the crowd. They have been the supporting act so far for The Vaccines’ tour, along with Australian rock band, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers. 

The alt-country, grunge-ish band was formed in 2021 at the top of a hill in Nottingham and consists of “3 big boys and 1 little rascal” as stated on their Instagram profile. Each member had a history in the music industry before this formation, with the drummer, Kasper, still playing for a fellow Nottingham band, Do Nothing. Smith, the lead guitarist, recalled in an interview with The Independent that working together with the band was like “creative sexual tension” as portrayed in their opening song “Sex & the Millennium Bridge”.

“I wanna be beautiful/I wanna be good to myself” echoes through the arena with the second song, Birds, about an individual who is disconnected and resorts to sarcasm and intrusive thoughts. Vocalist, Tiger, casually mentions their broken-down van at the end of the song, stating that they are selling merch, in the hopes of being able to fix the van. Their unreleased song, Gears starts playing, which incidentally is about a car breaking down. Scratch Your Metal comes on next, which Tiger explained in an interview portrays an unpleasant sound of something scratching against metal in comparison to showing the most difficult and unbearable parts about yourself. 

Tiger dedicates their last song to her grandad who is amongst the crowd. A fan promptly starts singing “Happy Birthday” and soon the entire arena joins in with the band, allowing Tiger to truly honour her grandad on his Birthday. The opening act ends with Checking Out, an indie rock murder ballad about two estranged lovers and the tired wife’s steak knife under the bed. How dare Bobby leave her alone every night, now he’s just burning away with all those old mistakes.

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