2024 SU Elections result: The battle of university titans ends with Jimena victorious

The SU was overloaded with people passionate about student politics on Friday afternoon, as a week of vociferous debate, questionable costumes, and rushed cardboard posters ended in an explosive double pint of snake bite, at a happy hour that was only happy for some. 

As the students (A.K.A our future politicians) all filed into the Tub, I was fortunate enough to run into Cassie Wilson, who is our Pro-Vice-Chancellor and in charge of the student experience here in Bath. Cassie illustrated the ‘critical’ importance of student representation at our university, remarking that ‘the officers play such a fundamental part in ensuring the university is listening to the student voice’. It was encouraging to hear such a perspective on student representation from the figure in charge of our student experience, and I can only ask that this attitude towards the student voice be further substantiated over the coming year. 

Like The Oscars, a slightly more low-key award ceremony that also took place this weekend, no time was wasted in appointing our SU victors. Dramatically, R.O.N. carried on its run as the least successful SU candidate in history, somehow running in every Officer election but losing in each race. Amber Snary, running for the second time as Education Officer, demolished R.O.N. by 2,961 votes to 256. Whilst Amber was expected to win this did not detract from the celebration. On the stage, she thanked everyone for electing her to run for a second term and referenced a comment that she won the contest between the gingers against R.O.N., who despite their appearance remaining a mystery many associate with the ginger Harry Potter character of the same name.  

URB’s Chris Wahlen interviews Amber after her win

Next up was the Activities Officer Race, in which David Lam rolled over the competition with a stunning democratic stamp of approval from his first year in the role. The narrative was similar for Olivia Warner, who demolished R.O.N in the fight to be Sports Officer.  

Olivia tells Chris that she feels ‘amazing’ after her win

While these races were more straightforward, they became far more complicated in the latter half of the election results. The Postgraduate Officer race went to four rounds, in which Zuber Lakhani emerged as ultimately victorious. With five candidates running, the general expectation was that this would be a close contest. This proved to be the case as the contest went to four rounds. On the stage, Zuber thanked his campaign team and all who voted for him.

Zuber is ‘looking forward’ to being Postgraduate Officer next year!

Another race that many considered to be at a knife edge was that for the Community Officer position, a race that, quite bizarrely, was non-contested last year but found itself to be the most congregated this year with six candidates.  Benji Orford Thompson won in a palpating five rounds in which both himself and Clio Bachelor demonstrated themselves as the clear front-runners, with Benji ultimately eclipsing his competitors. Blowing kisses to his campaign definitely remember’ whilst gracefully acknowledging his fellow candidates. 

Benji thanks everyone for ‘participating in the democratic procedure of the SU’

It then came onto the race that always conveyed itself as the most seismic, that of the SU President Race. Both Peter Irvine and Constantinos ‘Dinos’ Zacharides demonstrated themselves as fierce and capable challengers to our sitting SU President Jimena Alamo, and the consensus that I gained from students was that whoever the victor, the SU would be in good hands.  As the results were announced, however, Jimena was declared the winner, taking over half of the votes and leaving both Peter and Dinos an equal share of the other half. Jimena expressed gratitude to both her competitors, remarking that they ‘gave an amazing race (…) reminding me what the SU is all about’. Jimena further thanked both her family (watching virtually from Venezuela) as well as her campaign team. Lastly, she gave a note on how special it was to win on International Women’s Day, a statement that went down well amongst the many students in attendance. 

Jimena describes how she has found the whole experience of being reelected ‘surreal’

Lastly, it shouldn’t go amiss to say that whilst only one candidate could win each race, each candidate ultimately defined themselves through their sustained, committed campaigning to be shining members of our community and ultimately worthy of being part of the SU Officers Campaign. To try is to be proud, and one message that many will get behind is a desire for all these years unsuccessful candidates to defend the rights of our students through other means. 

Bath Time and The SU Elections

This iteration of our SU elections has seen Bath Time, as well as Student Media as a whole, go beyond simply reporting on our SU elections, endeavouring to discover the issues that matter most to students, as well as commenting on its place in our community and looking at what student representation really means. Bath Time will always pledge to be the critical voice of the student community, and we hope you have found our content rewarding and a vital tool in your participation in SU’s democratic processes. 

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