Colours, Lights, Music and Feather Boas Spotted in Amsterdam – A Review of a Harry Styles Concert

Harry Styles has been on tour for what seems like forever. This summer, Styles visited Europe and I had the pleasure to see him perform at the Johan Cruijff Stadium in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

When you think of Harry Styles, the first thing that springs to mind is most likely “One Direction” and colourful outfits. Well let me confirm that that is exactly what you can expect from attending one of his concerts.

However, my experience surrounding the concert was not limited to the stadium itself. It also included the journey to and from Amsterdam. On the train from The Hague to Amsterdam, I was fascinated by the number of colourful outfits that appeared in our carriage, and which seemed to multiply as we got closer to the stadium. At every stop another group of friends in colourful, graphic T’s and jeans hopped on the train. Once we arrived at the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station, the conductor wished us all a great concert experience in Dutch and played “As it Was” from the train speakers. This expanded the Harry Styles experience beyond the concert venue, because it felt like we were surrounded by the “Styles mindset” at the train station already.

On arrival, as I stepped out of my carriage, I realised that this overwhelming explosion of colourful outfits was not limited to my carriage. The entire train station was full of pink cowboy hats and feather boas. It felt like a foreshadowing of the frenzy of going to see Barbie in the cinemas, but that’s a story for another time.

By the time I got to the stadium, I was at once stunned by how massive the stadium actually is. The Johan Criujff Arena is the largest stadium in the Netherlands and can hold over 50,000 fans during football matches. I cannot quantify the number of people that were in the stadium that night but their presence was striking.

Per usual, Styles gave a wonderful show. He not only performed his newest album, “Harry’s House”, with hits such as “As it Was” or “Music for the Sushi Restaurant” but also his best hits from earlier albums including “Kiwi”, “Adore You” and even “Watermelon Sugar”. And he did not forget his origins; he performed “What Makes You Beautiful” at the end of the evening.

The show was full of colour and I could not count the overwhelming number of pink feather boas present in the audience. The energy in the stadium was electric and along with his musical crew, hearing his music live was magical.

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