Value for Valentines: 3 Student Savvy Scrans to celebrate Valentine’s day in Bath 2024

If you’re like us and January left you rummaging between sofa cushions for any spare pennies, we’ve found some budget friendly options for you to celebrate this Valentine’s day with your loved ones. Whether you fancy a romantic evening meal or grabbing something on the go, this guide is your holy grail.

  1. A Roman Holiday
    In the famous words of the late Dean Martin “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore”.
    For Pizza Express members (free to sign up), they are offering a special set menu. Any two courses for £17.95 or 3 courses for £21.95 with a range of limited-edition items like heart-shaped doughballs or baked vanilla cheesecake. Any pizza off the main menu is included, with many other options available, catering for most dietary requirements.

Don’t fancy the set menu, but still want the heart shaped doughballs? Don’t worry, for just 75p you can upgrade your classic portion of Pizza Express doughballs and enjoy the love.

  • Romance on the go?
    Has university studying got you bushed and can’t afford to venture too far from the Virgil Building?

Tortilla are offering a 2for1 Valentine’s deal on all burritos or burrito bowls after 3pm on Feb 14th only. They are also offering all alcoholic drinks for £2.50 between 5-8pm, with any meal purchase. From their freshly made frozen margheritas to Beavertown beers, who could resist?

Your choice of any fillings from their iconic burrito bar, including veggie chilli or carnitas, they have you sorted. Don’t skip the dip! Whether you’re a daring spicy salsa fan or need the tangy, fresh guacamole, this is a surefire way to celebrate Valentine’s without breaking the bank.

  • Fancy staying in?

Don’t want to get dressed up and sit in a stuffy restaurant? A takeaway doesn’t quite do it for you? The thought of a messy kitchen after hours of cooking horrors you? This might be the solution for you!

Sainsburys are offering a special Valentines dine-in deal, where for £15 you can get a whole bottle of Prosecco, a starter, a main, a side AND a dessert to share between two people (other drinks are available). Their selection of Heart-Shaped products range from Vegetable Bao Buns to Melt-in-the-Middle chocolate puddings are sure to put you in that Valentine’s mood.

Waitrose, are also offering a similar package but for only £20! Including their iconic “Juicy Marbles” plant-based steak and Parmigiano Reggiano & Truffle Chicken Kyiv, this isn’t a deal you want to overlook, especially their excellent range of vegetarian and vegan options.

If you feel like pushing the whole boat out, Marks & Spencer’s dine-in deal is £25, with over 10 drink options, including some of their finest wines. If the thought of a Leek and Cheddar Soufflé tart, followed by a Steak with Truffle Mash, with a Zingy Lemon Tart for afters, makes you drool, then this is the deal for you.

The instructions couldn’t be simpler: heat it up, kick back and put the telly on. Honestly, what are you waiting for? Go check it out whilst stocks last.

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