Bath Time is the #3 ranked newspaper on the Beehive News platform!

The Bath Time committee has some brilliant news. At the end of 2023, we were ranked by Beehive News as the third best-performing news publication on their platform, higher than globally established news organisations such as BBC News, Guardian Newspaper and Sky News!

Image credit: Beehive News

A massive well done to everyone who has been involved with Bath Time over this year, whether you have been on the committee, wrote articles for us or simply been part of our beloved readership. A particular shootout should go to our editor-in-chief, Elliot Rose. Elliot was instrumental in both establishing this collaboration and arguing passionately for SU approval. Another shootout should go to Rafael F. Cossi from Beehive News, who initially approached us and has demonstrated his passion for showcasing the brilliance of student journalism. Without both of these figures, this collaboration would have never occurred.

What is Beehive News?

A statement by Beehive News: “Bath Magazine is now partnering with Beehive News, the only large-scale, article-level rating platform in the world. This collaboration is an opportunity for our content and writers to be displayed side by side with influential global media such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent and Sky News, among others.
Beehive is a novel, revolutionary tool that aims to fight misinformation, one of the most pressing issues of our time. The platform combines smart user ratings and artificial intelligence to assess thousands of daily articles from top-notch news outlets in the UK and the world and guide readers to quality, reliable content.
Download the Beehive News app to get the Bath Magazine articles in real-time on your phone.

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Meet the Team

Bath Time is the University of Bath’s student magazine, where we write and rant about local

Meet the Team

Bath Time is the University of Bath’s Student Union magazine, where we write and rant about