A definitive list of my top 10 priorities whilst in England 

This list does not include seeing my beloved family and friends it is primarily, food-based (lmao). It is also not in order because that was simply too much stress. 

A cup of tea in my Louis Litt mug with semi-skimmed milk

This truly makes me feel sick. I entered 2023 despising tea and being such a die-hard coffee drinker that even 10 pm on a weeknight wouldn’t stop me. But a combination of events (binging Downton Abbey with my housemates and having a hot drink and sweet treat together every night) led me to switch to the other side. I now literally cannot sleep without a cup of tea, and I am disappointed to say that last month I went as far as making myself a cup of tea after a night out at 4 am. ANYWAY, put simply I was in shock to find that a 15-pack of tea bags in Germany comes individually wrapped and costs 2.50 euros. God bless my dear, dear, friends who visited and brought tea bags with them, but the first few months were rough. So once again to really simplify this very long ramble- I want a tea. 

Yule Log

Is it Christmas without a big daddy yule log? It needs to be covered in a rich chocolate fudge icing, and the slice must be a thick wedge. Served with some cream on the side, and dare I say it, a TEA (!), this is true festive British deliciousness. 

A run

The Kentish countryside is truly irreplaceable and after living in quite a big city for the past 6 months, I am so excited to be home and go for a long run. Dream conditions would be relatively cold, say 5-8 degrees but with the sun out and shining brightly. This is also a necessity because I have had no time to process that I am leaving Düsseldorf this week to go home for Christmas but will be starting a new job in Berlin next week! 

Crunchy Rocks / Purple Cadburys share bag

YUM! A true quintessential luxury. The regal Cadbury’s purple cannot be replaced by the slightly duller shade Milka goes for, because their chocolate also tastes slightly duller. 


Once again, it makes me feel sick to admit how much I bonded with fellow Brits abroad over meal deals and the mere mention of Big Tesco (I am making the executive decision that the B is also capitalised). I need one of those maps of McDonald’s in America vs churches in Poland but for Big Tesco’s in England. Genuinely, I cannot comprehend how much time we spent talking about our meal deals, as well as the pure joy of the free time activity that is a trip to Big Tesco. Passenger did not lie when they said, ‘You only know you love her when you let her go’. 

A drive with a friend whilst blasting Adele

Nothing compares. As I have literally 5 days at home, I don’t think I will be splashing out on car insurance so unfortunately it will have to be in someone else’s car. Either way, I need chasing pavements on the stereo, and I need to yell the words until my voice is hoarse. Adele’s 30 also just embodies this time of year, and listening to the album transports me to Oct-Nov of first year, as that is when it came out. Love Is A GameI Drink Wine, and of course, Easy On Me will be sung (screamed). 

My mums cooking 

I mean how can I write this list without mentioning this? It is Christmas time, and I have not tasted her food in months so I am most excited but honestly, I just cannot wait to see her (I know I said friends and family don’t count but it’s my MUM, allow it). Although this list makes me seem like possibly one of the whitest people alive, my family are actually from South India (shock, horror, surprise) and it is impossible for me to cook this cuisine whilst not at home, due to the sheer amount of equipment required. I look forward to many appams, idlis and dosas. 


Oh my god, how I love a Wagamama. Once again, much like the tea story, I tried ‘Wagas’ for the first time in year 12 I believe, and I hated it. I did not try it again for many years until we ordered it in for my friend Alice’s birthday, and my GOD how everything changed. It is always my first choice when we go out for food, although the vegan chicken bao buns which were the HIGHLIGHT are no longer on the menu. I need my ‘Wagas’ fix before heading to Berlin. 


Every festive season my brother and I always watch Nativity together and it is a really special tradition. I thought about perhaps Netflix partying it, but honestly, it would not hit the same whilst in Germany so it’s gotta be squeezed in. Mr Poppy, I’ll see you soon, sparkle and shine fr. 


I mean does it even need to be mentioned? My fellow Ashford citizens know that we do not have many choices when it comes to pubs and bars, but that is okay because our local Wetherspoons more than makes up for it! I cannot wait to see everyone both 10 years above and below me rammed into one pub at Christmas. Not sure if the funds will extend for a watered-down pitcher, but what is a spoons trip without a huge pitcher of sex on the beach? More specifically, a sex on the beach that has a maximum of two shots of alcohol? There is once again, no experience that can compare. 

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