Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen!

I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy before, but this trip really got me in the festive mood! Surrounded by hanging Christmas lights, dozens of Christmas trees, and music, Copenhagen really is the place to be in December.

When my boyfriend and I flew into the airport Wednesday lunchtime, frost and snow covered the fields surrounding it, and straight away put a smile on my face. But when the doors opened, a gust of cold Northern wind blew into the plane, and it was freezing! It started as a bit of a shock, but we quickly got used it, and wearing two or three layers did the trick.

On the first evening we visited Tivoli gardens, which I wished we had done on a later evening, as they do say leave the best until last. This was my favourite experience of the whole trip by far. There were food stalls dotted all around, and we made sure to enjoy a burger and some churros, and so thought it best to give the rollercoasters a miss! I thought this would be like any fairground, slightly disappointing, but my low expectations were wrong! There were Christmas lights all around, dangling from the trees, and even dotted over the lakes. As you walked through the gardens, there were a wide variety of Christmas shops and stalls, filled with baubles and chocolates to enjoy. Lots of people were walking around, but although we didn’t buy a ticket in advance, we hardly had to queue! There was a brilliant and festive atmosphere with everyone smiling and laughing, and it was the perfect start to our trip. I would recommend seeing it at night, as this is when it is most magical!

My next favourite place we visited was Nyhavn street, which is probably the most famous, and rightly so. The brightly coloured houses, sat right on the canal, adorned with hanging lights, was truly beautiful! We had to go back a second time just to take it all in again, and both times we visited the same pub, where of course we ordered Carlsberg! Followed swiftly by some Glogg (or mulled wine), which was the best I have ever had. We sat outside, and the place we drank at had something I had never seen before – battery powered heated seats. These were revolutionary, as you just hit the on switch, and immediately felt like you were sat in a car, but this time, surrounded by the beautiful Nyhavn, with a pint in hand!

The Christmas markets were dotted all around the city, and were so beautiful. I enjoyed a currywurst at one, which was so delicious, and felt very traditional. The Hans Christian Andersen one was my favourite, with some really lovely gifts. While there weren’t as many as I was expecting, it was still lovely to come by them on different streets, and some of the light displays were spectacular.

I am a massive foodie, and that is why Italy is probably one of my favourite countries in the world, and I remember all my holidays and the places I have been mostly because of what I ate there! And Copenhagen was no exception – it must be one of the top destinations for foodies. We went to a high-end restaurant on our second night, called No.2, which was right by the harbour and Cirkelbroen. We had a four-course tasting menu, ranging from local caught fish ceviche to beef and beetroot, and an apple parfait. It was one of the best meals I have ever had! But if you want to go a bit less high-end, there is a gorgeous restaurant just around the corner from No.2 called Rufino Osteria, where we had pumpkin gnocchi and cod tortellini. I have never experienced such quick service – we were in and out in around 30 minutes!

The bars and pubs were also brilliant. We went to a local pub called Fingerbollet, which had cheap pints and a good atmosphere, as well as a gin bar called Two Socks. This was amazing! There were hundreds of gins on offer, but I chose to have an orange espresso martini to start with, which was the best I have had. I also had a mango iced tea gin and tonic, which was delicious! While inside the bars it was busy and vibrant, outside on the streets, it became quiet by about 7/8pm, so the atmosphere was lacking slightly in that way.

However, everything was so clean, and probably the most relaxed city I have ever been to. Everyone was so friendly, and I felt very safe walking about anywhere we went, even in the dark. The metros and trains were extremely frequent, and so easy to use!

It should definitely be on your bucket list – maybe even for Christmas 2024!