New year (slightly late), new column!

Hello everyone! 

New year (slightly late), new column!

Last year the column was all about life as a second year, my advice to freshers and making the most out of the city of Bath. Now though, we are rebranding! This column will be discussing all things year abroad: life in a new city, making new friends, work placements and of course, my advice. As we have heard many a time on Disney channel hit TV show, Good Luck Charlie, “I’ve been through it so you don’t have to!”, although you probably will have to- but hopefully my experiences help. 

I am currently working at a naming and branding company in Düsseldorf where I am the only intern. I moved to the city in July and have absolutely loved it as it’s a big city with lots to do but also has plenty of green space. It is also probably the largest city I have lived in so far in my life! Come January, I will be moving to Berlin, and I can’t wait for the content that will be provided by what will ultimately be a very chaotic process. 

I will be using this column as a vessel to document my adventures on year abroad, as well as all things Germany. Life here is actually pretty different to the UK! There are many cultural differences, for example on Sunday ALL shops are closed, so grocery shopping is a no go. Also, the trains here are a literal joke, but the metro and trams run pretty much on time which makes no sense to me. PLUS, customer service literally does not exist, and NOBODY smiles when you walk past them on the street (a huge personal hurdle for me as smiling at people as they walk past is definitely a hobby of mine). I’ve also found that people here, and I guess just more generally on the continent, prioritise a slightly slower pace in life which I have really enjoyed. Everything being closed on Sundays mean that the day is devoted to really relaxing, which often includes long walks and of course the holiest of all traditions, “Kaffee + Küchen”, which literally just means coffee and cake. 

I hope this little introduction has captured your attention and you will now join me each week as I discuss the many, many, challenges of life on a year abroad, as well as the many joys! 


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