Underwater: Interview with Squid’s Anton Pearson

Editor’s note: Welcome to Underwater, our new interview series, in which we regularly have conversations with relevant and rising figures from within the world of entertainment: whether music, literature, televised media or any other form of artistic medium. We intent to provide content that all across the young person demographic will find relevant and engaging. Lastly, we hope Underwater can help elevate your day, and look out for future posts within this series.

Anton Pearson, guitarist for the band many consider to be one of the rising stars within the UK music scene, Squid, sat down with yours truly, a self-acclaimed Squid fan. We talked about various topics such as the tour-writing dynamic, Anton’s excitement for the upcoming Squid tour, comparisons between Squid’s former and latter albums, Bright Green Sky and O Monolith, and much more. We hope you enjoy!

Squid have recently released their second album, O Monolith, and are about to endeavour on a massive European tour with several UK dates, including two performances at SWX Bristol on October the 13th and 14th.

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