Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No! It’s a Group of Student Journalists Who All Have Podcasts

“Not ANOTHER ONEEEE….I Can’t Stand This….Honestly, I’ve Had Enough Of It” – friends and family of BathTime committee 22/23

Nothing says ‘I’m white/male/straight/middle-class/a student at Bath’ the way starting a podcast does. While it must be said that the BathTeam aren’t known for their humility, it is quite shocking that every single one of us has either made a podcast, spoken on one or thought that we’re interesting enough to create one.

The ‘ePODcalypse’ is Gen-Z’s hamartia. Podcasting is to us what ‘avo-toast’ and Brompton bikes are to millennials who live in Camden. You might ask why we’ve decided to give ourselves even MORE airtime by contributing this article to the noise pollution epidemic that is audio recording, but we reply by simply saying: why not.

So, here they are, our nominations for ‘Best Podcast Idea’ 2023.

Yasmin Vince: Average-Looking Woman

Just as Friday the 13th, one of the greatest horror movies, was a blatant rip-off of Halloween, my podcast Average-Looking Woman was a copy of Dolly Alderton’s dating column. In this, I would go on a date a week and recount the horrible ways it went wrong. To make it slightly different, I would end with a reference to the movies that made me a hopeless romantic, from Pretty Woman to Silence of the Lambs. What makes my podcast the best is that I very selflessly never released it. You, dear reader, are spared from my insane ramblings on Date #5’s choice of soup and why that made him the Michael to her Mia Thermopolis. You never have to listen to a metaphor that likened When Harry Met Sally to the Imperial War Museum. You will never be forced to wonder what exactly is wrong with me when I was turned on by a Hans Gruber wannabe. For all this, you should be grateful. What other podcast host would be so selfless? I am the Mother Teresa of podcasts, Jesus of the airwaves, saving you from the sins of men and should be celebrated as such.

Elliot Rose: Spontaneous Gigs Podcast

There is really no podcast that could possibly compete with my podcast, the Spontanous Gigs podcast. In this podcast I talked about the gigs that I had recently been to, playing tracks from the setlist as well as making general comments about the gig itself. I was doing a noble service on behalf of society, bringing the experience of a music gig to those unable to, directly to their ears, mind, and heart. This, and the fact that I believe Jesus listened to my podcast on the cross make me believe that my podcast was the greatest, so much so that it didn’t leave me speechless, and I could carry on with my podcast.

Emily Gray: A&E Politics

I too have a podcast. I know you’re thinking ‘NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!” But my podcast is called A&E Politics and it is hands down the best. I co-host it with the rising star that is Mr Adam Wright. Not only is this podcast STILL being recorded and released weekly (Fridays at 11 am – available on all good podcasting apps and some bad ones…I’m looking at you Apple Podcasts) but the production value is genuinely top-notch. 

The producer, Adam Wright, puts in so much effort to make it as professional as possible. We also have a banging theme tune, that lives rent-free in my head. 

The podcast is about politics but do not let that put you off! It is supposed to be fun and light-hearted. The format is simple. We start off discussing the week’s news, then focus on one political issue, and finally, we have a fun game to take us out of the depressive spiral that is the political climate at the moment. 

For those of you who aren’t keen on Adam and me, fear not! There are guests every week – mainly in the form of Bailey, however, we have had the legends that are Lucy Acheson, Sumayyah Ali and (spoiler alert) Tom Lowe is due soon. We have also had lecturers pop on to speak too. 

Enough from me… you want to hear from the fans!!

Here are some reviews we have received this week alone:

Lily Goddard – ‘my nonbiased opinion is this is the best podcast ever’ 

George Cooper – ‘most podcasts are like noticeably a uni student podcast but this sounds genuine’ 

Adam’s Mum – ‘Poor Emily’

Maxim from Berlin – ‘genuinely amused by every episode that comes out’

Tom Lowe – ‘Once again an excellent podcast very much enjoyed with my block of fudge, ALONE’

Lucy Acheson: Afternoon Tea

Nothing says ‘white guilt’ like creating a lockdown podcast that only platforms the experiences of marginalised communities, and that’s exactly what Lucy Bea Acheson did in 2020-21 (yes, I am speaking in the third person). Afternoon Tea was a beautiful mix of self-obsession and raising awareness for social issues (my forte). I spent the first season just talking for an hour and a half each episode about things I care about (sobriety, body image, sex, and relationships). But decided that (shocker) it might be interesting to speak to other journalists about their passions too. So, for my second series, I did episodes on the migrant crisis, disability within the fashion industry, Brexit, Black Lives Matter AND MORE! Of course, there were some teething issues, for example, I did mix up the names of Colombia the country and Columbia the university in an episode on neo-colonialism and cocaine – but you live, and you learn!!! As a 19-year-old I also had a poor tendency of struggling to converse with people (still working on this) so I would answer every question I posed to interviewees with “wow, that’s fantastic…so interesting”. I think all the other podcasts on this list are great, but Afternoon Tea tops the list. If I could summarise it, it would be ‘fuck yeah I love myself, but I’m also quite self-aware about how problematic that sounds, so here are some really interesting interviews with women who know their shit’.

Well, we aren’t sure how to end this, and it was quite a lot to take in. All we can say is, you can’t say they aren’t exciting podcast ideas.


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