Grease is the word! – A BUSMS show review


On the 8th of March, BathTime was lucky enough to be invited to see Bath University Student Musicals Society (better known as BUSMS) perform their main show for the academic year, Grease! This production is usually a crowd-pleaser, but it must be said, this particular performance absolutely thrilled its audience.

The dancing was superb! All the routines were beautifully choreographed, and the ensemble lit up the stage with each routine. There were some tricky moves on stage, particularly during the partner work scenes, yet everyone was perfectly on time and looked genuinely happy to perform.

The singing was beautiful, both Sandy and Danny performed wonderful duets and their voices complimented each other well. They were also very lucky to have an incredible live band playing with them, all of whom are extremely talented.

The audience was very keen on the actors playing Rizzo and Marty, who sang some beautiful solos, especially the tearjerker ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’. I was particularly fond of the actor playing Patty, who was so bright and bubbly that she had me in fits of giggles the whole time she was on stage.

Of course, there is one element that can’t be left out of a production of Grease, and that is none other than ‘Greased Lightening’, the insane, very professional-looking car built by Bath students for the show week. Grease has come to an end now, so I’m okay with giving a slight spoiler, but at one point there were sparklers coming off the back of the car, which was just fantastic!! Well done to everyone in Backstage who helped with the set and lighting.

Overall, seeing Grease was an absolute pleasure and was thrilling from start to finish. The costumes, enthusiasm and dedication were abundant from BUSMS, and I only wish they had a longer run so that everyone to whom I raved about the show could go and see it! Grease really is student musical theatre at its best!

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