Budget Airline: Friend or Foe?

Inter-semester break means only one thing, right? A TRIP. Whether you’re national expressing it, doing the 21 hour coach ride for the ski trip or flying, a lot of us went away in one form or another during what is essentially a glorified half term. So here is my rundown of my experience with Unspecified Budget Airline, from Brizzy, on a flight to Malaga with the girls. 

To start, after enjoying a yummy burrito from Tortilla, myself and my friends Flo and Alice, spent far too long talking that by the time we realised how late it was our gate was about to close. So obviously we begin sprinting to the gate only to realise to our dismay at just how long the corridor goes. Anyone who has flown from Bristol airport will know what I mean- for somewhere that is supposedly a ‘small’ airport that surely are a lot of gates, all along one VERY long corridor. Anyway, we huff and we puff and we get to the gate only to find that the flight we were supposed to be boarding was late to land, which meant that there was a delay by half an hour, which passengers were not informed of. This meant that after our run we had to stand basically dripping in sweat just waiting to be let out of the gate and onto the plane. What an ordeal! 

Now, when going on a trip with three people, flying- one would expect to be able to sit together. Not when you’re flying budget luv!!!!! Unless you pay for seats next to each other it is a gamble as to where you will be sat- but much to my sheer DELIGHT i was the only one of us three to get a beautiful window seat, through which i watched a lovely sunset as we landed. Unfortunately for Flo and Alice both were sat in the middle and had to attempt to fall asleep whilst fully upright (which they somehow managed). 

On the way back I was treated to the middle seat though, accompanied with a screaming baby behind me (which I admit was not the fault of Unspecified Budget Airline) but luckily I sat next to two lovely middle aged men, one of whom assured me at half an hour intervals throughout the flight that he was perfectly fine for me to use both armrests, despite me making clear each time that I was absolutely fine without. Flo, Alice, I missed you both during these 2 and a half hours that we were separated, but I’m not sure either of you would have been so desperate for me to use both arm rests so middle aged armrest man wins. Thank you Unspecified Budget Airline for this experience! The lights were also kept on the whole time which meant a nap was not taken, although this did allow ‘middle aged arm rest man’ to check as and when he wished whether my arms had finally made it to the armrest. 

Other than this everything was pretty smooth, we were delayed and had quite rough landings on both sides (!) but at the price of a mere £40 I don’t know how much more I am entitled to complain! Unspecified Train Company take note- a flight to MALAGA was LESS expensive than my train from Bath to London! I for one know where I would much rather be !!

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