The Whacky and Wonderful World of Grace Campbell

On Wednesday the 22nd of February 2023, BathTime were lucky enough to watch Grace Campbell perform her new stand-up show ‘A SHOW ABOUT ME(n)’. A hysterical, self-professed beneficiary of nepotism (after she stood in the tunnel at a football stadium and had David Beckham rub her head in the 2000s), Grace and her show portray a beautiful mix of the chaos, discovery and self-love that so many experience in their 20s.

Campbell introduced herself to the audience by dancing around on stage to a Charli XCX song, in a fantastic one-piece with gorgeous curls that followed her as she bounced around the stage. The first part of the show was Campbell’s warm-up act (herself), where she interacted with the audience, warning the front few rows that they were brave for being so close to her.

In particular, Campbell and an audience member did a demonstration of ‘pogo-ing’, an unspeakable act that the audience member claimed gave her the ick from a previous romantic partner – don’t ask.

Arguably one of the most varied and inclusive comedy shows I’ve ever attended, Campbell managed to fit jokes about polyamory, having sex in a bar, and football into her wonderful show that had the audience in fits of laughter. In particular, the men in the audience who kept falling for a crack about the name of football stadiums (don’t let it be you if you see the show!).

However, despite the outrageous jokes about genitals and a Malteser, recurring thrush, and Campbell’s fear that an audience member was trying to get her cancelled for hating Wales, my favourite moment of the show came from Grace’s interaction with a young woman who was insistent that she would call Grace’s father (Alastair Campbell) “daddy”. It definitely wasn’t where I expected the night to go but Grace handled the comment with…well, grace! And made multiple cracking jokes about the incident.

Overall, Grace Campbell’s new show is an absolute belly laugh and Grace truly won over her audience from the minute she opened her mouth, she is THAT funny. If you don’t go to see ‘A SHOW ABOUT ME(n)’ then you’re not only missing out on comedic genius but also the chance to listen to a millennial woman recount a traumatic childhood with the general public calling her father a war criminal.

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