Somebody’s Child – gig review

Ireland won’t stop providing us with great indie music at the moment. From Inhaler becoming the next U2 to The Academic recently dropping a new album, and of course, I am sure everyone reading this remembers my ModernLove review from November. No? Well, anyway, Somebody’s Child was the latest of a new wave of Irish indie bands to grace the stage in Bristol, fresh from releasing their self-titled debut album earlier this month.

The day is Sunday. The excitement is unbearable. However, before we were serenaded by the headliners, Wynona took to the stage as a support act. The four-piece band, who seemed very keen to remind the audience it is Wynona with a ‘y’, are a relatively small band based in Southampton, with only a few songs on Spotify. I’d be lying if I said that my previous experience with them was more than just listening to their discography on the train there but they took me by surprise, in a good way. They had a fairly similar sound to Somebody’s Child but reminded me of a Scottish band called Swim School, perhaps with a less harsh rock sound. I hope they release some more songs on Spotify soon, but for now, I would be recommended checking out their song, ‘Say You Love Me’.

As much as I loved Wynona, we all knew why I was there. Somebody’s Child awaited, and as the venue was sold out, the crowd began to grow. One by one, the five-piece band came onto the stage and played the first notes of their latest single, ‘Broken Record’. The last member to appear was the frontman, Cian Godfrey. Cian’s performance on stage from start to finish was unreal. He commanded the stage and made every single member of the audience feel involved. I don’t mean to brag, but we definitely made eye contact.

The band proceeded to play through their setlist, which included a lot of new material from the new album like ‘You know what’, but also played old music from earlier E.P. releases like ‘TV Screen’. A particular highlight was the performance of ‘What I said’ which saw Cian get down from the stage and stand with the crowd for an intimate performance of the emotional song.

The set continued and time flew by. However, I knew we were nearing the end when I heard the unmistakable guitar riff to ‘Jungle’. This is my favourite of their collection, and the live performance did not disappoint. I was left wanting more when it ended, and I have been singing it to myself aloud ever since (apologies to my housemates). As expected, the setlist was rounded off with their most popular track, ‘We Could Start a War’. By this point, the crowd were in full swing and took over the vocals for much of the first verse.

I’m excited to see where Somebody’s Child ends up over the next few years. They have populated the UK festival scene this summer and have announced more UK dates in Autumn due to the demand, including another Bristol date! I wonder what the next wave of Irish indie bands has to offer and hope it comes soon.

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