Cupid Shot My Leg

To first love…

Cupid shot my chest and I mistook the pain for sparks.

I thought you were my knight in shining armour, the light in the dark,

But all we were was mess and rage and what you told me was love

Was just control. “You’re lucky you have me”, you say as you shove

Away any self-respect I once had. I should have known better

But we were so young and it’s hard to focus when your top is getting wetter,

Cotton fibres stained red. It’s all you can do to sit

And try to see if, when Cupid shot your chest, your heart was even hit.

To the boy next door…

Cupid shot my collarbone almost a year after we met.

But I was so scared of rejection, convinced I wasn’t that lucky, I’d never let

You know. I’d tried to hide the way I felt, but still hung on to every word

You ever said. Like I’d been lost in silence and you were the first thing I’d heard.

Now I’m not so scared, but it’s too little too late.

Because she’s everything you wanted and you’ve been on so many dates

Been happy, while I hid from you and stayed alone.

But I’ll tell myself it’s okay, Cupid only got my collarbone.

To friendship…

Cupid shot everyone else and gave up on me.

I locked myself away and covered all the mirrors, afraid of what I’d see.

People asked if I was okay – I said I was fine, smiled and laughed

But you saw through me, through the mask, through the wall. You were life rafts

Offering an escape from my sinking ship, helping me to

Patch up my head and shine up my heart until I feel almost brand new.

Now I look at all of you with your loved ones – it’s hard to remember the pain I felt

When I can see the sheer happiness that came when Cupid shot everyone else.

To the stranger I just met…

Cupid shot my leg. I don’t think he was even aiming for my heart.

I don’t love you, I don’t know you, I can’t tell you apart

From anyone else in this dark and crowded room except by the way

You look at me, like I’m the final jigsaw piece, and lean down to whisper, “Stay.”

You made me feel pretty, you made romance seem worthwhile when my own thoughts tell me

Love leaves you broken. It’s unattainable, untouchable, and scary.

I’ll never see you again. It doesn’t matter. Neither of us cares.

But tonight, Cupid shot my leg just to tell me he was there.

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