Chastity’s Valentine

Roses may be red, but Chastity was feeling a little blue. As she walked past shops, her eyes were constantly drawn to various Valentines Day displays. Usually, Chastity was excited on February 13th. It was like Christmas Eve – Chasitity would go to sleep, giddy and excited for the following day’s festivities. But this year, the impending holiday was just another reminder of her singledom. The displays in shop windows, usually so cheerful and romantic, were instead mockeries, reminding her of what she could be doing tomorrow. The display at Waterstone’s showed off love stories she only dreamed she could take part in. The numerous clothing shops showed off dresses that reminded Chastity that she could be dancing, pressing her body against someone else’s, feeling their body through her chest. Even The German Sausage Company had a Valentine’s display. It reminded Chastity that she could be… well, Chastity was a good girl, she didn’t think about things like that. But she choked up a little at the thought. She wondered if she should head back to Ann Summers, they were advertising self-love.

As she continued to walk gloomily through Bath, Chastity heard someone calling her name. Turning, she saw Rose, a girl from her course run towards her.

“Happy Galentine’s day, Chastity!” she whispers, after kissing Chastity on the cheek. Noting Chastity’s confused expression, she asked “You do know what Galentine’s is?”

Chastity shook her head.

“It’s a day to celebrate female friendships,” Rose explains.

Chastity liked the idea of this. She’d had many girlfriends in the past and their sleepovers were some of her happiest memories – the pillow fights, nightwear fashion shows, massages… all things a sweet, innocent girl like Chastity enjoyed.

As she thought about this, she noticed Rose’s eyes tracking up and down her body. She felt her cheeks heat up.

“The day is particularly good to celebrate female friendships that have certain added benefits…” Rose adds.

Chastity tries to look shocked but can’t fight a small smile from growing. “Well,” she says, looking at her friend through her eyelashes, “I have always wanted a Rose on Valentine’s Day…”

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