The 1975 – At Their Very Best


Featuring raw meat, kissing-gate and ‘Ratty Healy’, The 1975’s At Their Very Best tour is THE place to be for a moving and exhilarating celebration of the Gen-Z loved band.

The 1975 are synonymous with my generation’s adolescence. The band’s association with 2014 Tumblr and smoking secretly in your bedroom are encapsulated by their 5 studio albums to date, all of which have grown up with us over the years, creating the soundtrack to the highest highs and lowest lows during our teenage years.

Seeing the band perform live on stage was truly spectacular. Their newest tour set is split into halves. The first half is the material from their latest album ‘Being Funny In a Foreign Language’ in which the band appear to be in a reality tv show and are joined on stage by a cast and crew. In true Matty Healy style, the frontman’s acting abilities matched his musical talent as members of the audience tried to decipher whether he was putting on an outstanding performance or really was drinking from a bottle of red wine and smoking cigarettes.

The 1975 playing at Cardiff, Night 1, all photo credits: Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes

In between some of the chart toppers from the new album like Looking for Somebody (to Love) and Part of the Band, a TV played news clippings of Vladimir Putin, Prince Andrew, and, if I’m not mistaken, Margaret Thatcher made a quick appearance too.

The second half of the gig featured every knee sock-wearing, American Apparel tennis skirt-doting fan’s favourite songs, like Chocolate, and It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You). The crowd were dancing and jumping, and the atmosphere was electric!

Towards the end of the evening, I was curious to see whether the frontman, referred to as ‘Ratty Healy’ by two 1975-crazed fans who stood next to me, would continue the ongoing bravado of kissing a member of the audience during Robbers. Much to the audience’s dismay, Healy commented that he would be giving out ‘no more kisses’ but could be peer pressured into it if the audience tried hard enough, which sent the whole crowd into a fit of laughter. Healy’s interaction with the crowd was superb, you could tell how happy the band were to be on stage and how much they appreciated the support of the Cardiff crowd.

The 1975 really are a wonder on stage, you don’t know what to expect from them, but whether they are doing push-ups, eating raw meat or dancing suggestively, you are guaranteed a fantastic evening with a band who are At Their Very Best.

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