This is Part 4 in Aaron’s Story. Read Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Find him in Iris story too!

Aaron was moping around campus. The U1 had been and gone. He tried to get into his halls but he couldn’t find his library card. He tried calling the flat group chat. No response.
Why was everyone ignoring him? Where was Noah and why wasn’t he answering his calls? Why wasn’t anyone in the rugby group chat answering too? It was driving him crazy staring at the blue ticks on WhatsApp. He finally snapped and threw his phone into the Brendon Court forest. After realising how stupid he’d just been, he looked for five minutes before giving up. He started towards halls before something caught his eye: a ponytail.

Aaron ran over to the barriers protecting the Snowballers. Walking up the stairs he could see her. Ariana. The girl from the club. He couldn’t believe it. She existed. He’d given up after countless scrolling sessions, infiltrating every society social from pole dancing to choir. She looked more beautiful than ever: a sparkling silver dress that must have been made from the stars themselves. He had to see her to say hi at least. His heart was on the wrong side of the fence. He needed to get into the SnowBall.


He’d spent the last hour performing reconnaissance, circling the SU. The front was off-limits; towering chain-link walls kept him firmly out, the back entrance by the Chancellor’s Building was manned by several security guards ready to send him back to wandering outside the campus. The side-door by the SU was his best chance. He’d noticed several SU workers walking in and out, carrying boxes and trolleys. That was his way in.

Aaron straightened his tux. He felt like James Bond. He straightened his tux and pushed back his hair, waiting for the opportunity.

Two guys were talking. They put down their boxes and walked away. Aaron sprang into action, taking the boxes and walking towards the door. He could feel sweat on his forehead as he approached the security guards. He walked forward ready to give his excuse but, as he got closer, they opened the door for him. He nodded and passed through. A woman with a clipboard pointed at a corner. He placed the boxes and she was gone. He passed through the doors. He was in.


“Aaron mate where have you been?!” Noah beamed. He was steaming.
“I lost my ticket. I think I left it at pres.” Aaron was nursing a Thatcher’s, still looking over heads in search of a Ariana.
“Oh no, that’s not good.” Noah chucked his arms around Aaron. “I need to tell you something.”
“Me too! Guess who’s here?”
“No wait, shush,” Noah placed a finger over his lips. “I’m not straight!” he whispered then threw his head back laughing, “I’m not straight!”. Aaron started laughing too.
“No way! Let me guess, Raf.” he poked Noah in the chest.
“Yes and no. But it’s good!” he kept laughing until Aaron told him who he saw. Noah’s jaw dropped. “Ariana’s here! Ariana’s here!” He turned to the other rugby lads, screaming until Aaron pulled him away.
“I need to find her.” Noah gave him a tight, drunk, stinking hug. He pulled away. “Go find her!” he tapped his face and vanished into the crowd.

Aaron navigated the crowd. This was completely different to trying to find the door. He got to the back of the ballroom, standing on an elevated platform. The room was swaying with students and dance moves and VKs. He scanned from left to right; he saw the rugby guys, some people he noticed from radio, even some lecturers. In the middle of it, flickering in the flashing blues and whites, he saw her.

Aaron dived into the crowd. Past students, lecturers, bar staff, everyone. He jumped every couple of steps to see if she was still there. He reached the stage, turning on his heel and going right, moving through the crowd again. He bumped into someone.
“Oh, sorry,” he looked up, stunned.
“Hey, I know you! Aaron, right?” The room fell away. Everyone was frozen. He hadn’t dreamt her up. She was there. She was here. She was right here.
“Yeah. Fancy a dance?” he rubbed the back of his neck. Last Christmas by Wham! came on. She looked at her friend and winked before putting her hands around his neck. “So, I have to ask, what’s your name?” he laughed, she laughed back.
“Aeesha.” she smiled, his face brightened.
“It’s great to see you, Aeesha.” she kissed him, he kissed her back.

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