This story is a one-shot. Read Silas’ chapters to get caught up! Part 1. Part 2.

It’s the duty of any good friend to tell them when they’re in the wrong. It is the burden of a best friend to put up with them until they fix what’s wrong. Cara was Silas’ best friend and she couldn’t put into words how frustrating he’d been recently. Silas had the biggest crush on this guy who also had a huge crush on Silas but he hadn’t made a move yet. Now, as if by fate, they had to do a group project together. 

“I think if I think about it too much, I’ll die.” Cara laughed. “What do you think? Is he going to make a move?” she turned towards Aeesha. They were in the living room, basking in the Christmas glow of a few candles and Christmas tree lights. They’d baked a gingerbread house and decorated it, watched Love, Actually and now were sat listening to Michael Bublé.  Silas was out at work giving the girls some much needed time to debrief on the situation. Aeesha giggled.

“I feel bad but that French guy is fit. If Silas doesn’t take him then I will!”

“Oh I know you will, but then again if it breathes you’ll-“ Cara was interrupted by a scream and a pillow planted squarely on her face. “I’m just saying, what was that fresher’s name in the club? You were with him all night! Have you spoken to him?”

“Absolutely not!” Aeesha vehemently denied any allegations of fresher sharking. Besides, he was a rugby boy so it didn’t count. 

“You’re as bad as Silas. But anyway, do you think he will say something?” Cara asked again.

“No.” There was a silence. Aeesha caught Cara’s side eye. “What are you thinking?” Cara laughed in reply. She got up and left the room without a word, Michael Bublé fading behind her.  


The next day Cara was sat in PAL café. She’d spent the night on Duolingo and had brushed up on her GCSE French (of which she scraped a C). She had never heard of the languages café before and was shocked at how easy it was to get onto. The previous night she’d found David’s (the guy Silas was hopelessly in love with) Instagram. She remained quite proud of that feat because Silas didn’t even follow him! She’d stalked several society pictures and eventually found him advertising the Languages Café for those interested in learning French. 

There was a lot of chatting around her in lots of different languages. Siri said there was some Arabic, Mandarin and German on the tables immediately around her. She didn’t anticipate there being more than one French PAL to talk to because, after attempting a last minute duolingo session, a girl came over. She had a sharp black bob and punchy red lipstick. She looked like the word Paris

“Bonjour! Je m’appelle Millie!” She sat with a grace and turned her face to Cara. Cara gulped. 

“Je em apple Cara. Wie gehts?” 

“That’s not French, that’s German,” Millie laughed. “How long have you been learning?” 

“Last night. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not here for languages.” Cara looked around and dropped her head low, whispering to Millie the entire situation with Silas.

“Oh that’s so cute. David’s actually helping someone with their French. He’s over there. Why don’t you grab him after?” She pointed over to the guy from Instagram. Damn, Silas she thought. 

The rest of the hour passed with casual chat. Millie spoke a bit about her boyfriend back home. She wasn’t at all from France but Canada which, Cara found out today, spoke a lot of French too. She looked around after Millie left for the toilet after an eyelash issue caused her eyes to stream. David was sitting alone. Now was her chance. She dashed over, ready to play cupid. She sat down and David flashed a smile. Damn, Silas

“Bonjour! What do you want to talk about today?” he asked. He really was cute as a button. Alas, Cara had a job. And a man of her own. She took a deep breath and asked:

“What do you want with Silas?” she cocked an eyebrow. David’s eyes widened. Then he laughed. 

“So that is what you want to talk about? Or is it Silas that wants to know?” 

“This is all me. I’m not trying to be rude. Really, I’m trying to help. So, will you let me?” Cara broke out a grin. David agreed. After talking it out, Millie sat down with them. 

“I hope you’re not having too much fun!” she said between sniffles “Sorry about that. Eyelash,” she rolled her eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Cara replied coy. “Just setting my flatmate up with this gorgeous man. Millie, what do you think when you hear the words ski date?


Cara had done her work. She had sent her cupid’s arrow flying. It was up to Silas now. Walking home, she popped her headphones in and called her boyfriend. 

“Hey love,” he answered after the first ring. “What’s up?” 
Cara couldn’t stop smiling. Even after a year she still had enough butterflies to make her float on every step, on every syllable. 

“Oh nothing. I just thought I’d call to say I love you. I can’t wait to see you this Christmas.” 

“Me too. I’ve got you the best present.” He laughed over the phone. “Are you still going to the snowball?” 

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