Up To Something in Bristol: 49th & Main

On the 12th of December, I was lucky enough to see an up-and-coming indie pop duo – ‘49th & Main’ at the Louisiana in Bristol. 49th & Main are an Irish pair, Paddy King (vocalist and instrumentalist) and Ben Sullivan (producer), who I have followed for a long time.

The evening was off to an incredible start with an excellent local to Bristol support act named Try Me. I was super impressed, especially when they improvised an entire song on stage about how my friend, Lucas, had been conceived in the flat above… the Binley Mega Chippy!

He might be embarrassed now, but I assured him it would be a claim to fame in the future. Definitely an act to look out for.

However, this did not steal the show away from the absolutely spectacular and unique performance by 49th & Main. A particular highlight of their show was how Sullivan remixed the songs live with a drum machine making a different listening experience from what you would have at home. They played their iconic song Catching Eyes, music from their new EP, Must be nice, and unreleased material, making me excited for what this band has to come. As it was December 49th & Main had to include a Christmas song to end the night and ‘Fairy-tale of New York’ was cried out at the top of everyone’s lungs.

I would love to see this duo again. Their vocals, lyrics and personalities made the performance so special, and being up close to the keyboard and drum machine on stage gave me an experience I’d never had before. Afterwards, they invited the crowd to sign a flag of their tour full of the names of spectators from other venues. 

I was lucky enough to run into the vocalist Paddy King in the downstairs bar of the Louisiana after the gig finished where he was happy to answer a few questions. The bar was quite old and had lots of character, full of people, and Paddy and I stood against the bar, drinks in hand (or just mine) as I began to interview him:

  1. So, what’s your go-to drink? Fireball shot.
  2. Who was amongst the top on your Spotify wrapped this year? Easy life and Steve Lacey
  3. What was your favourite gig that you’ve played? That would have to be our first one ever, the day Ireland beat New Zealand in rugby and most of our friends were too drunk to get into the venue so stood in the doorway to watch.

Unfortunately, I would have loved to have stayed chatting with Paddy longer, he’s not just got a gorgeous voice… However, the last train back to Bath was calling my name. Thank you to 49th & Main for such an incredible night. I will be back and following your journey.

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