Bath Christmas Market…REVIEWED

If you are yet to head to the Christmas markets in town do you even live in Bath? As our city gets absolutely invaded by tourists and those wishing to tick off their Christmas shopping, we are left unable to walk through our own town at a pace faster than a slug. So lets asses: is it worth the hype?  

Before getting started I will add that the weekends are literally packed. We chose to go on a Thursday which was surprisingly relaxed but Monday’s and Tuesday’s will also be good options to experience the markets without queuing for hours. 

Firstly, it truly is BEAUTIFUL. Against the back drop of all the roman stone the lights stand out brightly and truly add a sense of magic. For trinket lovers there is simply no end to the things you could purchase for yourself or to gift to someone else. It is a great way to support local independent businesses and just a perfect festive activity. 

But as far as Christmas markets go everyone knows what the main attraction is: food glorious food, and boy the markets do not disappoint. We sampled  lot of treats from delicious bubble waffles to LOADED PIGS IN BLANKETS ?????? Which were DELICIOUS. Food is relatively pricey, most things range around 7-10 pounds but a great way around this is to go with 1  or two friends and just split everything so you can  try lots of different things without taking out a mortgage. There are also many mulled wine stalls dotted around the markets which in my opinion was not yum, but it is a Christmas right of passage so of course one was purchased and drunk (albeit rather slowly). 

Personally one thing that did disappoint me was the lack of ‘German sausage’ stall. I am not sure whether this is just the german student in me but a  good Bratwurst just screams Christmas market to me. If you feel the same way as me about this very important issue then head straight to Bristol where the very first Stall opposite Cabot Circus is a HUGE german sausage stand topped with the main Christmas tree. Clearly the Bristolian’s know what is important.

So to end, make sure to go and visit, the markets are beautiful and make for a lovely evening activity that does not end in labs. If deadline season is treating you harshly and you need something to clear your head, or to simply procrastinate this is it. You will lave truly stuffed to the brim and (hopefully) cutting a few names off the Christmas present list. 

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