Bottomless Brunch at Las Iguanas

Bottomless Brunch. We’ve all heard it, most of us have done it but in my second year at university it was only yesterday that I finally attended. Personally, it definitely did not disappoint. We left considerably happier and relying on each other for balance to walk home. So Las Iguanas: Is it worth it? 

For the price of £30.00 you are entitled to bottomless drinks for 2 HOURS as well as a main meal. I will say that the meal was not very big, but we all know what the aim of bottomless brunch is, so personally I didn’t mind the smaller meal portions. Despite the meagre rations what was served was defo a scran. I got a halloumi burger and it was really good, although fries were not served on the side :(. 

Onto the main attraction, drinks. The cocktails literally tasted like fruit juice and went down SO easily. They were really tasty but also got the job done. Our server, Benjamin (who has confirmed he is single) was very prompt with the drinks and ensured we were never empty handed. The atmosphere at Las Iguanas was also perfect for bottomless brunch- with a lively bunch of students and Bath’s typical Saturday crowd: Hen parties and mums. The mums who sat next to our table were incredible drinkers and vented at us about being double parked, as well as encouraging us to down our drinks. They also swapped our second bottle of Prosecco in exchange for more of their cocktails which was a win win for both parties. 

Although lovely, Benjamin our server did use some questionable tactics to gain more trip advisor reviews. By questionable, he brought over shots to our table and then said he would only give them to us if we each wrote him a trip advisor review. However, he was a nice guy who was committed to the hospitality grind which is possibly one of the most difficult sectors in the world in my opinion. We did also enjoy our shots although we felt quite manipulated. (Benjamin, if you see this we love you)

All in all, although it is quite a spenny activity you definitely get your moneys worth with the unlimited drinks and meal, and it makes for a fun evening with friends which can be followed by labs (although we were definitely not making it in). My night ended with one of my housemates getting mistaken for a homeless person outside Green Park Sainsbury’s which truly proves just how worth it bb is. 

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