Modernlove. Headline Louisiana – Bristol Gig Review

ModernLove’s first UK headline tour finally reached Bristol and BathTime was invited to check it out.

A new pop moulded version of emo music is hitting the indie scene and Modernlove. are helping to push it forward. The four-piece band, originally from Ireland, first found their way onto my Spotify ‘Liked Songs’ playlist back in April with the release of the song ‘Follow You’. If there is anything you should take away from this article, it should be to find this song and listen to it immediately. I warn that the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week and will easily find its way as one of your most repeated songs. 

The band then released the ‘Oh My Mind’ EP which has songs like ‘Don’t Wanna’ and the EP’s namesake ‘Oh My Mind’. Listening to this EP led me to binge their complete collection playlist and made me want to see them live. And alas, a week later they announced their Autumn tour which would be stopping in Bristol. Joyous!

The Louisiana was the chosen venue, famed for being the host for many upcoming bands in the past, a sort of Bristol version of Moles without the Tuesday Cheese. It is a relatively small venue where Moderlove excelled at creating an immersive atmosphere that really exposed the divide between casual and hardcore fans. Top tip for if you end up here: there is no backstage, so the act must walk through the main entrance and into the crowd, so make sure you are standing in the correct spot for a few bragging rights.

Modernlove. played all the hits including their new singles ‘Take Me Far Away’ and ‘until my heart stops beating’, a song that was released on the day of the gig. My two highlights included the instrumental breakdown of ‘Take My Head’, which demonstrated the band’s talent and ability to capture the crowd. My other highlight is of course when they ended their set with my favourite song, and soon to be yours, ‘Follow You’.

Overall, the band were great to see live, and I look forward to their debut album coming out in the future. They are great to see live, and if you do see them at an intimate venue like ‘The Louisiana’, do not hesitate to stick around at the end for a chat because they are so friendly too!

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