Ed Gamble Electric – Comedy at The Forum

Ed Gamble braced The Forum in Bath with his presence on Thursday night. The comedian is well known for his appearances on Taskmaster, Mock the Week, and his hit podcast Off Menu with James Acaster. 

He is niche-ly known for his brief appearance and co-writing of Greg Davies’s Man Down; Dave’s Outsiders; the Taskmaster Podcast and Almost Royal (a show where he travelled to the US and pretended to be a member of the Royal Family – very strange and funny and available on Amazon Prime). 

Having sold his tour earlier in the year and performing for two weeks at the Edinburgh fringe, he decided to take the show on tour again due to high demand, with a further 36 dates. Impressively, the show did not feel stale at all, with Ed’s passion and outright anger feeling fresh throughout. 

Simply, Ed wants to be a ‘bad boy’ embraced by the heavy metal community, who have rejected him for looking too nice. He spends the show exploring how he has tried to appeal to them, through performing at heavy metal festivals, covering his body in tattoos, and joining a ‘bad boy’ gym he has since left. 

He also spoke about his thrice postponed wedding due to the pandemic and holding a two-guest hen-do for his wife (the guests being him and his wife). He vented his anger at being tweeted by CBeebies, creating a new demographic (people aged zero – six) for him to appeal to. 

The highlight of the show for me, and for my housemates who also came to the gig (not comedy nerds like me) was his final bit about hotel breakfasts. He went through all the disappointing food items, such as the scrambled eggs that seem to ‘have a wee’ between putting them on your plate and sitting down. However, where Mr Gamble and I differ is our view on baked beans. Turns out he is not a fan. The whole show ended in him acting as a Pain au Chocolate, with chocolate nipples,  plugging his various tv shows and podcasts with a questionable French accent. 

It of course wouldn’t be an Ed Gamble show without references to diabetes, James Acaster and Nish Kumar – don’t worry all these came up. 

Tour support all-round great comedian Chloe Petts, who I would highly recommend anyone goes to see too. 

All in all, it was a great show. Nothing new for unexpected from Ed, but he is entertaining and captivating as always. A great show for those looking for a good first taste of stand-up.

Where to see him if you missed it?

Bath was the third to last tour date, so if you want to see this show you have to be quick!

19th November – Coventry: Warwick Centre 

20th November – Birmingham: Alexandra Theatre

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