We want more!! – Wet Leg in Bristol

Some friends and I had the pleasure of seeing the profoundly weird Wet Leg at the O2 Academy in Bristol on Monday the 14th of November.

Their rocket to stardom is exceptional, with their self-titled album debuting at Number One in the UK Charts. Just over a year after their first single came out, this band is already on a UK tour to thousands in sold-out shows.

Starting their set with the certified banger ‘Being in love’ followed swiftly by their biggest hit ‘Wet Dream’, it was a strong start.

The gig had a really good atmosphere, with the crowd at the O2 In Bristol always happy to jump up and down, even if the song arguably doesn’t warrant it. I was on the left side of the room, and the energy in this section was markedly lower for a few songs than across the room. But for the hits, the whole room erupted. It must be an incredible experience to have so many people bellowing the words to your songs back at you, especially after only being on the scene for a year and a half.

Wet Leg didn’t seem too keen to chat, there were very few pauses between songs. There were a couple of pauses, one to say hello to the crowd and thank them for coming out, and another when a crowd member appears to have fainted. Apart from these pauses, soon as one song finished it was onto the next.

Towards the middle of the gig, Wet leg really showcased some of their vocal range, with lead singer Rhian Teasdale (fantastic name) absolutely smashing a long semi-operatic note. You can see why the band has become so popular so fast, their extremely talented and unique sound was awesome to see live.

As the gig wound down, there was an incident within the song ‘Ur Mum’, with the band calling the stage lights up to help a crowd member who seemed to need a drink. Taking five after this, the band’s return concluded with another crowd favourite ‘Chaise Longue’. It was a

shame they didn’t revisit ‘Ur Mum’, with the audience’s reaction to the ‘longest, loudest scream’ lyric being cut off slightly early to draw attention to the fan in need.

Because they’re such a new band, they only have one album with 12 songs on it (only 36 minutes long) meaning it was an admittedly shorter set than average. Indeed, there was no encore because they had literally exhausted all their music in the main set. Personally, I think some covers would’ve been fun, to pad out the gig more and have some fun singalongs with the crowd. Proof of this idea was the ‘Careless Whisper’ rendition instead of an encore (not performed by the band) which seemed to go down a treat with the audience.

So I don’t want this review to just be what one dude thought, I asked the friends I went with for their reviews as well. Ayana, Becky, Bethan and Anneka are admittedly probably bigger Wet Leg fans than I was going into it, so here are their takes…

Everyone really enjoyed it, that was definitely the critical consensus. Ayana gave it a 7.5/10, wishing they did an encore but loving what they did perform. Becky went straight in with a 9/10, commenting on how the band sampled an Idle’s track as an introduction to their song ‘Angelica’. Becky also loved Teasdale’s hat (It was excellent).

Bethan went for a 6.5/10, only wishing they performed for longer. Finally, Anneka went for a strong 7/10 also wishing for a longer set.

Overall it was a really good gig, the songs they’ve released thus far really suit a gig setting, getting the crowd shouting out the mad lyrics frantically. Their fast-paced and exciting sound will take them far, and I’m really glad to have seen them as they did their first solo UK tour. The only thing I would change is the length of the set – which isn’t necessarily a bad situation – much better to have the crowd wanting more than wishing it to be over sooner.

I guess I’d average the reviews out and go for a 7.5/10, only wishing for more! Thank you to Wet Leg for the performance and thank you to Ayana Playle, Becky Stanton, Bethan Owen and Anneka Kleinsmiede for giving their thoughts to this review!

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