From One Emotional Creature to Another: Beach Bunny in London 

When reviewing concerts, there are two approaches I can take – review the technical quality of the music or, to use a word I hate, the vibes. I can confirm that at Beach Bunny’s concert in London on September 8th, both were immaculate.  

Let’s start with music – of course, with any setlist with as much vocal layering as Beach Bunny’s does, providing an exact replica of the songs is impossible. But they got close. Every line delivered was perfect without losing the raw, emotional quality that made me fall in love with the band. I can’t imagine a single person leaving the concert not in awe of Lili Trifilio’s voice or John Alvarado’s skill on the drums. Even the hardest riffs came over with clarity from both guitarists. 

But, for me at least, this isn’t why we attend concerts. If all we wanted was a copy of the album, we would only listen to the album. We go to concerts because they add a level of emotion to the songs that we can’t find anywhere else. When you are screaming a song you love from the top of your lungs and everyone around you is screaming the same, feeling the same things – when you can all become emotional creatures together, that is when a concert becomes special. As such, the hallmark of a good touring band is their ability to get the crowd going. I was unfortunate enough to find myself in a seated section, where standing was forbidden. Initially, those around me were reserved. But it wasn’t long before the energy of the band rubbed off on us – they were so excited to be there, clearly having so much fun – that before the first song was finished, we were headbanging and bouncing around as much as you can while sat.  

Lili Trifilio, the frontman for Beach Bunny, was so engaging that had things gone wrong, I don’t think anyone would’ve noticed. Every song she sang felt heartfelt and like she was singing right at me. When it was over, it felt like no time had passed at all – it had been 3 hours since we entered the venue, it felt like 3 minutes. I didn’t want it to be over. When I left, my throat felt like it was on fire, my jaw felt like it was falling off its hinges and I had sweated through my new Beach Bunny T-shirt. Because I’ve recently gone through my own heartbreak, when she sang “Teach me how to be okay” in ‘Prom Queen’, it felt as though she was singing right at me and I could feel the pain and sadness radiating off of her and me and fading away. From one emotional creature to another, it felt like she was acknowledging we were in the same boat and we would both get better.  

Unfortunately, not as many of the songs from their new album Emotional Creature were played as I would like but that means I’m all the more excited for the next tour. Hopefully, then I’ll be able to go feral to ‘Scream’ and cry to ‘Love Song’ with everyone else. I can’t wait.  

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