Thomas Headon review

Thomas Headon concluded his UK tour in Bristol on Halloween; his last European performance before he tries to break America, and University Radio Bath were invited to go and check him out.

As to be expected, a gig on Halloween required some fancy dress from the acts, and Thomas Headon did not disappoint. He jumped onto the stage performing his song ‘How Do I Know’ dressed from head to toe as a shark. It was a very energetic start to the gig with Headon using the full stage to dance around throughout his performance, which at one point saw him climbing onto the drum kit mid-set.

The energy stayed high throughout songs like ‘Car Window’ and ‘Strawberry Kisses’, however, Thomas showed his ability to capture a crowd through the performance with his slower unreleased material. A real highlight of the night was the performance of ‘Victoria’ where the crowd and stage were mutually lit up with the use of a huge disco ball which created a magical atmosphere.

The performance of the band behind the music of the night cannot be overlooked, with the backing guitarist drawing in the whole crowd while performing a solo at the end of one of the songs. All in all, this very polished performance was a great conclusion to their UK tour.

I could not write this review without mentioning the cover he performed of ‘You Belong with Me’ originally by Taylor Swift. I don’t think the term crowd pleaser even covers it. This song led to my own voice being slightly sore the next morning after singing my heart out along with the whole crowd. Thomas Headon closed out the set with a personal favourite of mine, ‘Nobody Has to Know’, which was fantastic, and then his arguably best-known song ‘UrbanAngel1999’.

This was my second time seeing Thomas Headon and he really did not disappoint. I started listening to him after seeing his Boardmasters set this year and it was great to see him again as a fully-fledged fanboy. The variety of songs and performance styles really provides a memorable night out. I am extremely jealous of the stateside fans who will be attending his joint American tour alongside Alfie Templeman, so look forward to his next tour and new music.

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