University Challenge…

I did it so you don’t have to!

Well, I didn’t actually do it lol. BUT I did audition- only to not make the team, but for what it’s worth here are my two cents ! 

So, after seeing the SU’s instagram story last Wednesday myself and my three housemates as a ‘joke’ started talking about whether we should go and eventually the hysterics of ACTUALLY auditioning for THE university challenge had us convinced- we simply had to go. We practised our quiz questions together- before dinner, during breaks between lectures and even sacrificed getting dressed up and heading to the club on HALLOWEEN for yet more quiz practise and a movie night. At the big age of 19 this is what life has come to. 

After many quiz sessions that had us dying at a) the insanity of the questions- WHO knows the answers?, and b) our utter lack of knowledge, we were EXCITED. A few episodes of university challenge were also watched (we were taking this seriously), although that achieved nothing but panicking us that we were going to embarrass ourselves hugely. 

So it got to Wednesday, the big night and we got on the U2, still quizzing each other. We made friends on the bus, who after hearing my friend Alice ask us questions, answered one of them- and eventually moved to sit with us. See, quizzing not only increases knowledge, but clearly also unites people!!

After entering 8W we realised this was not what we had in mind. Our visions of sitting in our groups of 4 buzzing to answer questions and hearing the automated system say “Joy-Bath” after I buzzed, was not how this was going to go down. Everyone was sat at desks with paper and pencils labelled 1-30, ready to answer 30 questions, and the top 5 scorers would make up the team. And so we started. The quiz master, Luca, who I am told runs the plug quiz was the star of the night. His humour quite literally had me in stitches and at one point i was actually CRYING when prior to reading a question he went “fuck me, this is a fucking hard one” (you just had to be there i’m sorry). 

After answering the 30 questions and switching with the person next to me to mark them I had achieved a grand total of 8/30. We were told by Luca that we were free to leave or could wait 5 minutes whilst he looked through the sheets and worked out who the top 5 were. Obviously with my incredible score, to the dismay of my housemates, we HAD to stay- and so we did. Although I did not make the team I was very glad I did stay unlike the team captain, who with the top score of 24/30 had left!!!

All in all a fun night, I am now an avid quizzer who will be seen at every plug quiz as well as at brewhouse on Monday nights for their pub quiz too, big up. 

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