Finlay places his thumbs down at the Poundland protest this Saturday, the most heavily populated protest after the Government protest in Iran.

Pound-fifty land?

Call me an out-of-touch dinosaur if you like, but when I enter a shop with a name like ‘Poundland’, I kinda expect two things. Firstly, the store should be a ‘land’ of some type, pretty basic stuff I think. Secondly, and it seems controversially, I expect most things for sale inside may be in the region of, I dunno, a pound? Is that just me being fussy? You can perhaps imagine my surprise then upon entering Poundland, and discovering that there were items on sale for a whole range of different prices. Get your wine glass for £1.50, your £4 pack of red bulls, and your 75p pot noodle (don’t judge my shopping choices). In fact, it felt like there was more or less every single price you could imagine, except for £1. I understand the reasoning… bla bla bla inflation bla bla bla cost of living crisis bla bla bla. But come on. Aren’t there supposed to be rules to stop this blatant false advertising? Imagine an old lady coming in to buy her £1 pack of red bulls, only to discover it costs 4 whopping great pounds. She’d have a heart attack! (and not just from the red bull). I implore you, Poundland, can you really have this on your conscience? What is my suggestion you ask? Simple, change the name. Pound-fifty land? Close-to-a-pound land? Some-things-might-be-a-pound land? You can have those for free. 

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