Help is On the Way, Dear!

Summer is long gone and what once was a cosy, fun and gorgeous time of year is now an overwhelming new world for freshers and a familiar yet stressful environment for those that have waved a glorious goodbye to first year. If you are new to this gorgeous city, what you probably aren’t aware of is how Bath University can help every student with any worry they have, be that your dog ate your homework, or you think you might be suffering with depression but adulting is already breaking the bank. Having finished my first year in halls (Wolfson Westwood, out of all places) I can safely say I’ve had my fair share of not so silly little worries and anxiety attacks at ungodly hours of the night, with a 9am the next morning looming over me. That’s why I’m here to help you out, particularly you freshers! 

The UoB wellbeing service is located in 4West (between the 4W café and Claverton rooms), or students can contact them via or on 01225 383838. They are there to help you as much as they can, so don’t be afraid to use the services they provide to your advantage. One of the biggest reliefs that they can provide is 6 free counselling sessions to students who are going through a difficult time covering issues from adjusting to a new home away from home or a struggle with the impact exams have on wellbeing. Having used this service myself I can safely say the counsellors provided by the University are professional and are fully there to support whoever they are faced with in a non-judgemental and comforting way. By booking a short one to one with the UoB wellbeing service, you’re able to have a casual and chilled out chat about your wellbeing in a confidential and safe space.

On the University of Bath website, one can find the Student Support services section which offers a wide range of activities Monday through Friday to boost mental health and wellbeing, where students can involve themselves in dog walking, cooking classes, gardening club and various wellbeing workshops as well as many other fun and productive things. There are other groups that happen on a regular and weekly basis such as social networking on a Wednesday afternoon, bereavement group on the first Tuesday of each month and Autism social group every other Tuesday. They are carefully planned and thought out, and social networking in particular hosts a group of students experiencing loneliness who come together and plan different things each week from pizza making to a trip to Bath farm; I can safely say it’s a wonderful group of people who bring plenty of good vibes each week! Get in touch with the wellbeing services via to book an initial one to one, find out more information and turn up as and when you feel comfortable to any of the sessions provided. 

These are some of the wellbeing projects happening throughout campus, but I’m sure by giving the UoB website a scroll, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy. And although you might feel lost and be questioning your choice of coming to uni now, I can only encourage you to really push through the deep hole of anxiety (take it from me!) because the best is yet to come, I promise you! Everyone’s university timeline is different, for me I started to vibe with uni in second semester of year one, which is nothing to how much I love the uni experience now, so just hold onto that hope; you’re doing amazing sweetie!

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