Bath’s exciting student spot for dinner and drinks: The Bath Cider House

BathTime were lucky enough to be invited to The Bath Cider House’s official opening on the 21st of October 2022. Sister pub to The Bath Brew House, a well-loved student local, The Cider House is the perfect place to go with friends to enjoy a drink at any point in your week!

While The Bath Cider House do serve a selection of drinks you would usually expect at a pub, like wine beers and soft drinks, the ciders that the pub produce really are fantastic!

The BathTime team got to try the house cider which we unanimously agreed was delicious. It was quite a crisp cider that wasn’t overly sweet or fizzy. The house cider is produced by the pub as they source apples from a local Somerset orchard, and then craft their unique ciders for the public to enjoy in 500L tanks right next to the bar.

Alongside the pub’s own ciders, we would recommend the Lilley’s Apples and Pears cider, and the Lilley’s Bee Sting – both of which were gorgeous and perfectly compliment the food on offer at the pub. Shout out to the Dark & Stormy cocktail.

The pizzas at The Bath Cider House are top-notch! The main allure of the cider house take is the squared 14-inch nature of the Italian classic, are served in huge wicker baskets. The Big Poppa-roni and Notorious V.E.G were fan favourites with our team, so be sure to try one of those!

The menu is also highly inclusive, with a variety of vegan and gluten-free options available too. The Vegan Nachos went down very well with BathTime and made a great accompaniment to the house cider.

In the current climate, we were also pleased to see that The Bath Cider House has very student-friendly prices alongside a student discount! For quality drinks, you can expect to pay £4.75 for a pint of house cider. The 14-inch pizzas range from £14.50 to £21.50, however, the pizzas are so big that we struggled to share one pizza between two people! Therefore, you can expect to spend around £8 if you split a pizza with a friend, which, for quality ingredients and a piping hot pizza, is pretty good!

The Cider House has a cosy feel to it, you’ll most likely be seated in the basement on bar stools or comfy chairs, and the pub is exactly the sort of place to bring friends or visiting family. Atmospheric music is always playing and, unsurprisingly, the pub has recreated the warm and friendly environment of The Brew House which the students in Bath love.

There is also a terrace available to sit out on, which will be perfect in the warmer months! Unfortunately, we couldn’t sit out with a drink when we visited due to torrential rain that graced the city late last week, but we hope to visit as soon as the weather clears up. Regarding accessibility, The Bath Cider House has mobility lifts to access all inside areas of the site, but there is limited accessibility to the lower terrace areas outside.

All in all, The Bath Cider House is a fantastic new student spot, so make sure you go over for pizza and a pint before it gets absolutely packed on Friday and Saturday evenings!

For more information about The Bath Cider House, please use the following link to their website!

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