Midnights: Track By Track Review

Lavender Haze

In this beautiful Lover meets Reputation opening song, Ms Swift tells us how she’s simultaneously falling in love with her boyfriend while also overcoming the misogyny and slut-shaming she has faced in regard to the men she has dated. I love the low-fi chilled pop vibe this song has!!


You’ve had Red by Taylor Swift, Red (Taylor’s Version), but you are not READY for Maroon by Taylor Swift. A more mature and reflective view on love, Swifties everywhere are discussing whether this song is about everyone’s favourite TS lover-enemy ex, Jake Gyllenhal. This song is quite dark, but, of course, I LOVE IT!


Do you ever hear a song and think it’s been written about you? That’s how I felt listening to Anti-Hero. As a tea lover and problematic queen, I found the following lyrics touch my soul ‘It’s me…Hi…I’m the problem, it’s me…At teatime…Everybody agrees’. Also, huge ‘Mother-in-Law From Hell™ points to Taylor for shading her future daughter in law with some of these lyrics.

Snow On The Beach

This is my favourite track on the album. The love of child of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey is something I never knew I needed but now I don’t know how I lived without it. Snow On The Beach feels like beautiful follow up to the Folklore and Evermore albums. I have also thoroughly enjoyed everyone roasting Taylor for only giving Lana like one line in the entire song.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

I’m not a huge fan of this song, I think the verse is fairly repetitive and it’s not my vibe. THAT BEING SAID, I really really love the chorus. I feel like we’re missing another instrument during the verses, maybe some additional guitar or piano? Luckily this album is still a 10/10 in my eyes, it’s just the verses that I’m not convinced by.

Midnight Rain

This feels like the very eventide, overthinking in bed. Everything comes flooding back and you feel the haunting of missed connections and the reasons everything fell apart- slow-motion questioning and wondering. It’s a departure from Taylor’s sound with the muted filter that confused a lot of swifties on first listen but I think is certain to be a favourite. 


A homage to Out of the Woods, opening with the iconic “I remember…”. Where previously Taylor hid her questions behind veiled metaphors of a woods and car-crashes and physical stitches, here she is direct and asking the same question: what happened? It has the echoes of 1989 with the rock-solid formation of Midnights atmospheric production. IMO, a fun little bop. 

Vigilante Shit

Dr Taylor Swift specialises in writing tongue-in-cheek lyrics as well as the poetry found within Folklore and Evermore. Whilst many joined as a swiftie during her Oscar Wilde-era, Vigilante Shit is her melodramatic style at its Reputation-peak. “Draw a cat-eye sharp enough to kill a man” is very, to some, part of the cringe she called “unavoidable” during her graduation speech. Beyond that, however, lies a salacious beat on revenge. Being the only song Taylor wrote alone, it’s almost certainly about a certain Spider Boy


A glittery gem of a track- it’s a mature return to the millennial girlboss style Taylor plays so well. I love the freshness of the track with a faster pace and lighter production; it shines as a break from the more subdued and duskier atmosphere whilst keeping the celestial magic. 


If you’re someone like me, you’ve had your heart broken a one too many times. But when you find yourself falling in love again, it can be prefaced with that terrifying feeling of what might happen. Will it be good? Will it end as bad as last time? It’s a feeling that makes you feel lost in a maze or even a labyrinth. I am obsessed with the slinky and silky production that pulls you in and lets you fall into Taylor’s love song for those a little bit scared but a little bit brave.


Oh, how I’ve missed Taylor’s reputation era. This song absolutely slaps. If I don’t hear Karma and its wonderful hook in a Marvel or DC film, I’m not going to be pleased. I’m also fairly certain this song is an indirect to Kanye West and Scooter Braun, but that’s pure speculation… *sips tea*

Sweet Nothing

There is nothing I love more than seeing Taylor in love with her boyfriend Joe. I love how simple this song is, and I can imagine our girl singing it to Joe in their living room on a Sunday afternoon – bliss! 


Taylor is in her ‘Woman in STEM’ era with this techno sounding song! She also never fails to be relatable in her lyrics ‘What if I told you I’m a mastermind?…And now you’re mine…It was all by dеsign’ – my 11 year old self who was obsessed with One Direction relates so much to this.

The Great War

Again, we see the return of the dark days of Taylor’s Reputation era with this song. I personally think this anthem is about the struggles she faced in her relationship during the hate and abuse she received in 2016, specifically. I love the imagery in this song, and I would argue that it simply is a masterpiece.

Bigger Than The Whole Sky

This song broke my heart into 50 different pieces and I’m not even joking. I feel like this song is soooo universal in giving people a way to relate their own grief and loss. I’ve seen lots of Swifties talking about the song regarding miscarriage, or breakups, or even losing a friend/family member.


Welcome to Paris, the city of Love. Every time Taylor finds herself here, she’s in love. However, the city of love is simply a metaphor. I love the cliché and unique little insights into her A-lister life as a wannabe z-lister. It’s Taylor’s tongue-in-cheek escapism on its tiptoes, somewhere in Paris. God, I wish we had Loverfest.

High Infidelity

Aaron Desner, Taylor’s long-time producer, mostly features on the 3AM tracks. Their collaboration is oftentimes magic, and they both flex their folklore fingers for this track on cheating and the crumbling of a relationship: not a favourite on the album, but a nice ode to her sister albums. 


It would be unfair to mark these bonus tracks as if they were some of the featured tracks, and Glitch feels like it’s from the vault and hasn’t been worked on. Sounding like a demo for a nice metaphor distant from the cosmopolitan-country fairy tales she weaves into her songs. It’s a nice vibe, something to put on in the background, but I wouldn’t choose it. 

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

In my opinion, her most heart-breaking track on the album and is up there in the top 3. The scattering of Christian imagery and regret of a relationship that ruined her, allusions to her being a child in the relationship and how her girlhood was taken is an important lesson in forgiving and forgetting: sometimes you don’t need to. A song on mourning you before them. Brb, going to see a therapist. 

Dear Reader

This reads like a diary entry- hugely intimate and her misjudgement that I’m reading and not listening. It feels like a message to yourself: advice to remember like never take advice from someone who is falling apartsnap when you have to; you don’t have to answer. It’s an indelible closing track to an album that takes you on that rollercoaster so many of us take every time we lay in bed, staring at the wall. At least now we all have something to listen to whilst we do it. 

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