Christian Girl Autumn: Bath’s top fall attractions

Hello to all my fellow Christian Girl Autumn celebrators! Whether you’ve been a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) lover since you came out of the womb, or if this is your first hygge-inspired fall – Welcome! If you aren’t familiar with ‘Christian Girl Autumn’, I’m going to point you in the direction of this highly educational YouTube video about the most wholesome meme on the internet.

Before we get started, I would also like to say, as a queer Christian girl, this season is for EVERYONE!! No matter your beliefs or background, we all need a little bit of comfort and cosiness in the colder months, so I want to share my favourite things to do in Bath during fall.

Kelston Roundhill

Kelston Roundhill may be one of Bath’s best-kept secrets. This gorgeous hill is a 50-minute walk from Oldfield and, on a clear day, gives you an unbelievable view over both Bristol and Bath! Pack yourself a generous picnic, bring some pencils and a pad of paper and take mindfulness to a whole new level while you sit peacefully, sketching the views.

Top tip: Be sure to bring a bag for life to sit on so that you don’t get sheep poo on your suitably autumnal outfit (don’t ask how I learnt this)

Make a candle at Paddywax

Paddywax is a beautiful candle bar where visitors can sit with friends and pour their own candles. The atmosphere in Paddywax is so tranquil and calming, giving the CGA (Christian Girl Autumn) stamp of approval. While £35 for a candle-pouring session may be a little out of your budget, a lot of the activities on this list are free, so hopefully, you can save up some pennies to indulge in this cosy activity.

Visiting Café au Lait for a chai latte

I don’t particularly like Pumpkin Spice Lattes – Shock! Horror! Gasp! While some may say I’m ignoring a quintessential Christian Girl Autumn attribute, I would argue that CGA, the most wholesome holiday season of the year, is all for inclusivity, so I can get away with it! If like me, you’d rather steer clear of a PSL this year, I have the perfect alternative. Having searched high and low, I can conclude that Café au Lait does the BEST chai latte in the city, thanks to the wonderful chai syrup that they use.

Grab a friend and catch up over a lovely chai at Café au Lait for the perfect autumnal afternoon treat.

Make an Autumn wreath!

Potentially the most wholesome activity on this list, making a wreath is such an easy task!! Go for a walk around Bath while the weather is still nice and find a large selection of leaves in all different colours. Next, using this handy video, create a wreath to put on your front door – you are guaranteed to be the most aesthetic student house in Bath.

Visit a bookshop

We can all agree that nothing screams Autumn like snuggling up with a book and getting toasty. Well, why not take advantage of Bath’s lovely bookshops? Topping and Co. definitely win the ‘prettiest bookshop’ award in my mind, but nothing really compares to sitting in the Waterstones café above street level, sipping some tea and getting stuck into a novel. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even bring your laptop and do some work towards your degree while you’re at it!!!

Victoria Art Gallery

A truly underrated student attraction in Bath is the Victoria Art Gallery. There is no better time to visit than during the cooler months when you’re all wrapped up in a winter coat. I don’t know much about art, but I love to natter away with a friend about what the artist is trying to tell the viewer with their work. And you can get in to see the permanent collection in the gallery for free, so make the most out of it!

Pumpkin picking at Avon Valley

Nothing says Christian Girl Autumn like an Instagram shot of you and your best friend holding pumpkins! Whether you’re into pumpkin carving, making a week’s worth of soup, or if you just want to get some nice photos for your family to like on Instagram and Facebook, the Avon Valley pumpkin patch is the place to be this Autumn. Tickets are already starting to run low in the lead-up to Halloween so get them while you can!!

Learn to knit

Last but definitely not least on my list is knitting! Teaching yourself to knit is a skill for life, not just for Autumn! When I arrived at the university in 2019, I had never touched a pair of needles in my life, but now, I’ve knitted scarves, hats, snoods and cardigans! Wool, the sweetest little independent wool shop has all the tools you need to get started, and the staff there are a complete delight to speak to as well.

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