A Beautiful Evening with Tom Odell


Tom Odell’s performance on Sunday the 23rd of October was absolutely flawless. As if the beautiful backdrop of St George’s Church in Bristol wasn’t enough, Tom Odell sang his absolute heart out onstage, accompanied by one of the most beautiful choirs I have ever heard.

Using only a piano and the magical voices of the choir next to him, Odell gave a spellbinding intimate concert to those in attendance on Sunday. He played three songs off of his new album ‘Best Day Of My Life’, which were, quite frankly, a privilege to hear live. I especially loved ‘Just Another Thing We Don’t Talk About’.

Odell’s haunting lyrics and the pain in his voice could be felt by the entire audience and I found myself wondering what memories of past lovers, former friends and distant family members were coming up for other people while we listened to the set.

Odell also played some of his classic songs, like ‘Heal’, ‘Magnetised’, and ‘Another Love’ which has recently had a resurgence in popularity due to its use on TikTok. The singer looked rather overwhelmed while playing ‘Another Love’ as the audience began singing along to the lyrics so loudly that all you could hear was our collective voices.

Watching this concert in such an intimate venue felt like a very powerful and even spiritual event to be a witness to, and I feel as though the audience shared something very special with Odell while he was on stage.

While a lot of Odell’s music is very sombre, he has promised some more upbeat music on his new album, but his dark sense of humour never fails to appear at his shows as he fondly told the audience mid-way through his set “thank you for choosing such a depressing way to spend your evening, I’m pleased we have similar taste”.

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