BathTime is the University of Bath’s student magazine. You may have seen us running around campus during Freshers’ Week handing out flyers, or shoving copies of our first Print Edition of 2022/23 into people’s hands on the parade. 

The aim of our magazine is simple: to create fun, informative and interesting articles that are accessible to students!

So far this year we’ve covered the cost-of-living crisis, flatcest, new films, Andrew Tate and summer romances…and there is even more to come!

You might be wondering who the almighty heroes dishing out this content to you each week are, so, here is the BathTime committee for 2022/23.

Editor-in-Chief: Lucy Acheson (she/her)

Lucy is an overly enthusiastic fourth year Politics and IR Student who has an opinion on just about everything (shock!). Nicknamed ‘Granny Lu’ by her first-year flatmates, she’s a dedicated knitter/baker who always has time for a natter, while sharing a pot of overpriced flavoured tea, of course!

Deputy Editor: Bailey Kent (he/they)

Bailey Kent is from Kent (yes, really) and studies sociology, but he has seen all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy twice so he’s pretty much a doctor. He loves long walks up Bathwick hill, waiting for the U1, and visiting Topping every time he passes. If he’s not there, you can find him grabbing a Tesco meal deal or at one of the four Café Nero’s in town.

Features and Investigations Lead: Yasmin Vince (she/her)

While Yasmin cannot tell you much about her course, she can name every country in the world. Why? She has a small obsession with trivia quizzes. When not hyper fixating on trivia, Yasmin can usually be found buying books she will forget to read.

Comment and Conversations Lead: Elliot Rose (he/him)

Elliot is a man who enjoys life’s simple pleasures, he likes hosting Radiohead listening parties, conversations about the weather and desiring to be more spiritual without doing anything about it.

Stay tuned for more BathTime chaos over this academic year on BathTime weekly, our online website refresh, and through the semesterly print editions.

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Meet the Team

Bath Time is the University of Bath’s student magazine, where we write and rant about local

Meet the Team

Bath Time is the University of Bath’s Student Union magazine, where we write and rant about