ENOUGH !S ENOUGH: An Exhibition Preview

A week ago, Bath students and citizens took to the Orange Grove to say ‘Enough Is Enough’. All colours from the political spectrum trickled in to have their say in the anti-government protests that swept across the country. At the front and centre of organising students was one of the university’s newest political groups: Bath University Left Union (BULU).

Following on from the protests, a poster making session was held in The Edge and an exhibition of the picket art is due to be shown.

“The Bath University Left Union (BULU) is excited to organise an exhibition of University students’ posters. The exhibition will be on at the coop-owned Bell Inn on Wednesday 12 October at 19:30. A variety of limited prints and postcards will be on sale to fundraise for the Union’s art fund too. Join us for a lovely evening of political creativity.”

Below is a preview of some of the audacious pieces.

‘Ministerial Direction’

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