Freshers? Completed It Mate…What Now?

Semester one has begun lets get it! time for early rises (hopefully), autumn leaves, lectures where you probably can’t hear the lecturer due to the amount of coughing and being so cold you physically can’t stop your teeth chattering as you walk home from the club at 2AM. The fun is only just getting started! 

So, freshers after care- where do we start? Firstly, my number one top tip would be to ensure EVERYTHING is unpacked and you buy anything you are missing instead of putting it off for the rest of the semester. Sounds so simple I know but I find it impossible to concentrate in a messy room and yet did not properly unpack FOREVER which just made my life so much more difficult. If you, like me, are blessed with the phat westwood desks and pinboards make sure you get some photos or posters and general decor up because I didn’t and for the majority of Semester 1 my room was referred to as a ‘prison cell’ by my flatmates. A homey room really does help with the anxiety and stress of starting your degree, now that life has calmed down after freshers week.

Head to town! We are so lucky to be in Bath, which is SO beautiful and has so much to offer. Mooching around town was one of my favourite activities, as coming from Ashford in Kent I had all the beauty of Norwood to enjoy in my local town. There are lovely walks around the lake and lots of shops and restaurants to explore, especially now that things are about to get festive very soon. Most importantly the night life is also packed! As a second year, I can barely stomach the thought of going out two nights in a row but Year 1 Semester 1 is the time to get out there and make the most of it. Second Bridge and Labyrinth are obviously the classic options to go out and make for a great time after pres with the flat. Combined with an overpriced jimmys afterwards and that is simply a perfect night out. Not for you? Then there are some great bars and pubs too. 

Personally, I am a big lover of Revolution as I think it is the perfect mix between bar and club and the music is always great. I will also offer an unpopular opinion, The King of Wessex ie Spoons is possibly the worst pub in bath. Even the dump that is Ashford town center offers what is one of its only redeeming qualities, the beautiful safe haven that is our local spoons. Bath on the other hand has simply taken what is a big hall by the looks of it and shoved loads of tables and chairs in it. Being a city with two uni’s (the second shall not be named, ew) it is always PACKED, and drinks simply cannot be enjoyed. The windows that allow for a direct view into the Odeon also don’t add much to the ambience. Despite all this, the crowds seem to flock to spoons but to my dear readers I say be a shepherd not a sheep and stop yourselves. Instead, perhaps head to the beautiful Bath brewhouse, located pretty much right next to spoons but offers all the beauty and classic pub vibes that spoons lacks. You can even test your luck and spin the wheel at the bar for an opportunity to win a bar tab!

GO TO YOUR LECTURES!!!!! All this going out and general living life without a care in the world is lovely, but you are paying NINE GRAND to be here!!! It is not JUST a party!!! Go to your lectures!! However, boring they may be attending them (all of them!) is the only way to make things easier. Don’t stress too much but over this semester try to figure out how you prefer to take notes and practise different techniques. The Uni also recommend you do around 6 hours or some other silly number of independent work per module which I found impossible as living in a flat with 16 people always meant there was something to do but try and do as much as you can. With a languages degree like mine I quickly found that my lack of independent work was really dragging me down so don’t do the same! Also don’t skip your 9am’s by promising yourself you will watch the recordings because a) you won’t and b) when it comes to doing your assignments you will be SO lost.

So make sure you attend your lectures- particularly the ones with fit lecturers, treat yourself to a jimmy’s and ENJOY yourself because there is nothing quite like the first semester of first year. 

See you next week, 

Amy x 

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