Building the New Bath Time

It’s only September and yet the Bath Time editorial committee have already been hard at work since late April! The members of our team have really outdone themselves, and I’m convinced that we’ve put more hours into Bath Time than we have into the 9 collective years that we’ve spent on our degrees.

The reason for this extensive preparation is that this year we wanted to switch up the magazine’s format and processes to fashion a creative outlet that serves both writers and readers. We are hoping to do this by making students and student news the sole focus of the magazine’s content and aims!

We started out the year with three simple goals:

  1. Ensure that Bath Time fosters an inclusive environment which champions diversity
  2. Increase student awareness of Bath Time at the University of Bath
  3. Reform the systems that Bath Time currently uses to work with editors and contributors

So, here’s what we’ve done so far!

Fostering an Inclusive Environment

We’ve started planning our first social with all of media so that contributors and editors can meet each other and hopefully find other fantastic students who can get involved with Bath Time.

Our fantastic Deputy Editor, the ever-enthusiastic Bailey Kent, is on the committee for around 16 different societies, and they’re creating fantastic links between Bath Time and other SU groups so that we can collaborate.

We’ve created a chart of months/days of significance so that we can create content drives that reflect the identities of the student population in Bath, this is due to kick off with Black History Month in October! 

We’ve begun planning our Inclusivity Award for the year so that we can target demographics of students whose voices aren’t often heard through Bath Time.

Increasing Student Awareness of Bath Time

Our first print edition is set to come out just in time for Freshers’ Week! This means that new students will have access to the magazine from their first day on campus.

We’ve been brainstorming ideas for Bath Time merchandise to give out on our stall at SU Groups Day!!

And we’re hoping to expand our social media presence over the coming academic year so that Bath Time becomes a #MultiPlatformQueen. You may have noticed our brand new logo Morag, named after the Bath writer Morag Joss, and spoken to life by two well-placed speech bubbles. We’re making changes, smoothly leading us up to our next aim…

Reforming our Systems

As I’m sure many of you have seen from our Instagram Editor debuts, we have slightly changed some of the roles on the society to better reflect the need for student led news. That’s why our new Comment and Conversations Lead role, headed up by Bath’s answer to David Attenborough, Elliot Rose, will include commentary on student issues and will also allow students to express their thoughts in a less formal manner.

Likewise, our Features and Investigations Lead, Yasmin Vince AKA Ms Americana 2022, has been conjuring up some fantastic stories about student issues like eco-anxiety, rail strikes and fast fashion.

And finally, we are dragging Bath Time (kicking and screaming) in 2022 by ditching Facebook and adopting Notion – our new platform for sharing articles, meeting minutes and more! This fantastic tech overhaul has been overseen by Bailey and will mean that our process for commissioning and editing articles becomes a whole lot smoother!! 

And if he wasn’t already doing the absolute most for Bath Time, Bailey has also been getting in touch with his STEMinine side by reworking the Bath Time website to reflect our new committee positions and the sections that they represent.

“This year we wanted to switch up the magazine’s format and processes to fashion a creative outlet that serves both writers and readers”

It really is amazing what you can achieve when a team of brilliant students come together and use the 24 hours that they have in a day to create something fantastic – thanks Molly-Mae!

Anyway, we’ll be posting regular content online from late September, and we will be serving you the mintiest and freshest updates during Freshers’ Week too! 

As ever, please get in touch if you want to get involved with Bath Time – we’d love to work with you! Cheers x

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