Agony Aunt: Minerva Answers All Your Questions (n°6)

May is here and spring has sprung, the weather is certainly reflecting that and it’s wonderful to see so many of you back at the lake for your well-deserved breaks. It’s an integral part of life at Bath, and the return to lakeside sitting in the sun is much welcomed, especially as we enter the final push into summer. Not long left and then freedom… In the meantime, a quick revision break and some advice! 

I can’t stop drinking pints by the duck pond now that the sun is out. 

Dear reader, I cannot tell if this is a qualm, a query, or merely a jubilant gloat. The sun is out! It’s very few months a year that I get to say that so do make the most of it. Bath’s famed duck population thrives, and Little Fresh/Mini Fresh/‘The Market’ is witnessing a run on tinnies (not by the ducks I ought to add). Students and faculties campus-wide are united by our love of the lake at this time of year. While assessments are coming down on us, our little bit of West Country nature offers some respite. Perhaps if your worry is the quantity of time that you’re spending by the lake instead of in the library, I might suggest you bring your laptop with you and tip tap away at your assignments while also enjoying the weather! Merge your love and your work and perhaps you’ll find you love your work? (Alright, I do admit that one is a bit of a stretch). Although maybe drinking at the same time is not to be advocated…

Perhaps now is also the moment to suggest diversifying your portfolio by enjoying a pint in the sun elsewhere? The Royal Crescent is a staple in your student career. Bath also has some delightful pub gardens that are worth your time. #shoplocal

I’m graduating this summer and have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. Help me please!

Honestly, we’re all in this together. Those of us that are graduating are entering a mess of a job market and anxiety levels of not knowing where to go next are *not good vibes*. But, we move. There’s no rush to work out what you want to do with your entire life, that’s for you to figure out along the way! Work out what it is that you want to be doing right now. I highly recommend popping into the Careers Service, just for a chat. They’re all incredibly lovely and willing to help. There are also loads of opportunities on MyFuture; get applying to things that spark joy.

Otherwise, go travelling, see the world, make art, party. Idk, live your life and have experiences. We are young so make the most of your time and energy.

Summer Ball is coming up, it’s black tie and I have nothing appropriate to wear and I can’t afford to buy anything.

10/10 can relate. My bank account is looking very sad right now. Treated myself a fair few more times than I could afford… whoops. Bath’s charity shops are an excellent place to start! Have a wander around, plenty of suits and dresses which will be perfect. Depop is a good one also. Otherwise, renting is great! You can rent a relatively expensive outfit for very cheap. There are plenty of websites where you can essentially shop online and have an outfit posted to you and then post it straight back. The modern world is mad!

Anyway, the end of the semester is right around the corner! Just this final push and then summer… I know we can do it.


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