Letter from the Committee

Dear Bath Time readers,

As we near the end of the year, exams are nearly done, summer ball is around the corner, and in a few weeks we all will be passing the torch on to a new generation. Soon, Lucy Acheson will take over as Editor-in-Chief and I for one cannot wait to see what she will do with Bath Time. There lies the beauty of student media: each year a new team comes in and is free to take this paper in a whole new direction. This year, we tried to shift our focus online to bring you near-daily content. Next year, who knows what it will be? But before we find out, this year’s committee is not quite done yet!

Due to unforeseen consequences, we were not able to print out a second edition of Bath Time. Trust me when I tell you we were all extremely disappointed. We are so grateful for the content you sent to us, and we really wanted contributors to enjoy it in a physical support. We did however found an alternative, and this is why this week we have published every article that was supposed to be in print, online. We’ve shared amazing articles about diversity on campus, laziness in Hollywood, refunds for students impacted by the pandemic, or students taking on the Bath Half to honour the memory of their friend, all of which you can find here. I can only thank my team who was incredibly quick to adapt to those changes and thanks to who I was able to put out the fine work our contributors produced. Today, after this letter, we will publish our final piece of the second edition, our big cover story that tackles the inaction of the University of Bath when it comes to climate change. So please read it, it’s an extremely important piece!

This year has been a challenging one for sure. The three media groups have, undoubtedly, been severely impacted by COVID-19 and online teaching that drove people out of Bath and our campus. Numbers have been quite low compared to other years and it’s not always been easy to draw people back to the media groups. Despite all that, the committee worked extra-hard to ensure content was put out regularly and we were proud to break out important stories on the Night In campaign, UCU strikes, COVID, the war in Ukraine and other big events that have impacted student life. Looking back at all the articles we’ve published, I’m insanely proud of the work the team, editors and contributors have put in despite all the setbacks and challenges.

Before we finally say goodbye, there are a few people who deserve special shout-outs:

  • I want to thank Asees, my co-Editor-in-Chief, for handling some of the things I did not care much for, for being the best co-Editor-in-Chief I could have dreamt of, and for putting so many hours into building back Bath Time;
  • I want to thank Emily, our Lifestyle Editor, for her constant efforts to explore Bath to find the best places to recommend to our readers, for her high energy and for always offering lifts back to Oldfield Park;
  • I want to thank Sonny, our Features Editor, for taking on his role despite the distances, for finding great new contributors and writing amazing and thought-provoking pieces;
  • I want to thank Joe, our Publicity & Distribution Officer, for taking on my suggestion to revive the satire writing and creating The Last Riposte, for holding everyone accountable in a way that always left me in stitches;
  • I want to thank Chelsea, our Sport Editor, for bringing us heart-warming and human stories, and for her TikToks that gave me life throughout the year;
  • I want to thank Davina, our News & Comment Editor, for drawing in many talented contributors, for her endearing kindness and always-sharp suggestions;
  • I want to thank Alex for working like no Head of Media has worked before, for his devotion during difficult times and for finally bringing some much needed synergy to all three media groups. We cannot wait to see what you do as SU President.

To readers I say thank you for your time, to contributors I say thank you for your hard work. On a more personal note, I’m incredibly proud of my own journey in media, starting as a mere contributor in first year, becoming Lifestyle Editor in second year and now Editor-in-Chief in my final year. While it was not always in the cards, I do not regret any of it and I’ve enjoyed all the wonderful moments it has given me. Being part of media and Bath Time has taught me a lot, but most importantly it has pushed me to meet so many wonderful human beings that all brought something different to the table.

It was truly a blessing to bring you content this year and we genuinely hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Loads of love,

Elie and the Bath Time committee x

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