March Horoscopes

(21st March – 19th April)
It is the time for new beginnings, Aries. After a tough month, March brings a fresh start, allowing you to take a breather. You should enjoy the peace that comes with minding your own business and not getting involved in new, unnecessary drama.

(20th April – 20th May)
This is the ideal time to do some networking and meet new people. Friendships will bloom during this month, so don’t hesitate to join a new society. You might meet some of your new best friends here! Don’t worry about being too keen – your new friends are happy to have you around.

(21st May – 20th June)
Your creativity is flourishing this month, Gemini. Make sure to dedicate some time this month to certain artistic activities, such as painting or writing. However, this isn’t the only thing that creativity is useful for. If you’ve been stuck on a problem, try and think outside the box for a solution.

(21st June – 22nd July)
Open up your prospects this month, Cancer. It’s time to take a plunge and start that big project that you have been putting off that will open doors and take you places. This can bring a complete change in your career path if enough effort is put into it, so stop procrastinating and finish that essay.

(23rd July – 22nd August)
It is time to truly start thinking about your future, Leo. What is it that you really like? What are you actually passionate about? Maybe start researching about possible Master’s degrees or grad jobs. Take advantage of the university’s Careers Service to explore all of the opportunities that are available to you.

(23rd August – 22nd September)
It is the month of romance for you, dear Virgo. If you have been crushing on someone, now is the time to tell them! What do you have to lose? And if you are already in a relationship, it seems to be that your partner is ready for the next step. Remember that communication is key, so let your emotions be known.

(23rd September – 22nd October)

It’s a busy month upcoming, Libra. March will bring you many opportunities and it is up to you to capitalise on them and make them work for you, luck is on your side. This is the month to really focus on your goals and desires and make them your own! Don’t forget to have fun though and spend time with those you love.

(23rd October – 21st November)
March is the perfect time to take a chance on someone new, Scorpio. After focusing on letting go of the past in February, it is time for you to take a leap and allow yourself to be charmed. This new romance does not have to be serious; the only important part is that you are having fun and enjoying yourself.

(22nd November – 21st December)

It seems as though you will be spending more time at home in the next month, so make sure that you like the space you are in. Donate any clothes or furniture that you no longer like and do a bit of spring cleaning because this time at home will not be spent alone. New and old friends will be happy to spend time with you.

(21st December – 20th January)

March is the right time to start investing in yourself, Capricorn. You have been spending too much time worrying about others, and it is time to focus on yourself. Splurge on that room décor and buy that pretty stationery, you deserve it!

(21st January – 18th February)

It seems as though you may be taking on new responsibilities this month, Aquarius. Do not fret though, you are ready for this and have been preparing for it subconsciously. Remember not to alienate your friends because of it though, or you may regret it in the future.

(19th February – 20th March)
Happy birthday Pisces! Celebrate yourself this month by letting loose and having a good time with those you love. Focus on yourself for a bit and prioritise your wants and needs, even if it may not be what everyone wants to do. Put yourself first for once.

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