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Wolf Alice at the O2 Academy Bristol: An amazing and unique approach to music

Wolf Alice performed in Bristol last Wednesday following the delay of the latest album’s Blue Weekend tour. The rumours of the band’s fantastic stage performance lived up to all the hype and made amends for the wait!

Wolf Alice’s live performance was remarkably immersive. After a little introduction, the band dived straight into their album with a bang. It was performed clearly with stunning light design and no chatter between songs; the performance was one of undistracted and minimalist perfection. The professionalism and seriousness of the performance was complemented by the group’s coordinated formal black attire, extending a heavy grunge aesthetic. The audience, a diverse mix of ages and styles, were noticeably absent of phones as the show perfectly paired lighting and music, suffocating any other distractions and almost disregarding the crowd’s presence.

This lack of interaction between the performer and their audience could have felt like it lacked personality, but the stage presence of the band blew critique away and made the concert a pure expression of art. Ranging from chaotic to ethereal, the band powerfully shaped the feel of the O2 Academy with their rock, indie-pop and shoe-gazey inspired music. This wide range may have contributed to the attraction of all ages, from children to people in their 60s. The band masterfully handled this diverse crowd and their kaleidoscopic music with one experience to fit all. It was amazing to see everyone joined by the band’s performance. 

The group’s stage presence was nothing short of amazing

Their set consisted of powerful chaotic energies, with Play The Greatest Hits which had the crowd raging and a high energy mosh pit forming, to calmer acoustic songs which had the crowd swaying and moving as one. They encompassed a range of energies and created such animation within the crowd that it added to the performance. This was interesting considering their minimal interaction with the audience, the main focus being their music and sharing their creation with their fans. Since watching them play live and being enthused with their music, we highly recommend a listen. 

For those who didn’t get a chance to experience Wolf Alice live, they will return to Bristol on the 8th of March!

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