A Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Ideas to Replace Socks and Cookbooks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… until you remember all the presents you need to buy. Dad is impossible to buy for, Mum is expecting a little more than last year’s Quality Street tin, and your sister only wants a Nintendo Switch, which you’ll never be able to afford. At least you have the perfect idea for Grandma… Except it’s the exact idea your uncle, brother and two of your cousins have already thought of and not even Grandma needs 5 copies of Jamie Oliver’s newest cookbook. So, it’s back to square 1. But fear not! Below are 10 ideas for what to put under the Christmas tree…

1. A Bubble Tea kit

There are plenty of these that can be found on Etsy. Most kits come with cups, green tea, fruit syrups and toppings of your choice to provide an easy to use, customisable gift. It’s the perfect gift for anyone that wants a colourful, tasty, instagrammable drink but can’t be bothered to leave the house. It’s also great for the person who loves sweet drinks but is too good for a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. It even works for the person who wants to avoid supporting big businesses that avoid taxes, as most of the companies selling these kits are small businesses.

2. Starface Hydro Stars

Skin care has never looked so cute. These hydrocolloid pimple protectors absorb fluid and reduce inflammation to shrink spots overnight. They’re vegan, cruelty-free, oil-free, and adorable to put on. They are perfect for anyone that feels self-conscious about their skin or struggles with acne as, not only are they a very effective way to reduce the puffiness and size of spots, but it is impossible not to smile when you catch your reflection in the mirror and see it adorned with cute little stars! 

3. Cain’s Jawbone by E. Powys Mathers

If you know anyone who is convinced that they are the next Miss Marple or Poirot, this is the gift for them. Six murders and 100 pages printed in the wrong order. It is the job of the reader to reorder the pages correctly to reveal the six murder victims and their respective murderers. It sounds easy, but since the book’s creation in 1934, only 4 people have been able to solve it. Will your friend or family member be the fifth?

4. Mulled Wine Tea

This works for the same people that would like a Bubble Tea kit but find winter unbearably cold. Super easy to make, this instant tea from Whittard combines the flavours of black tea with those of Mulled Wine to make a uniquely Christmassy drink that is delightful to drink, especially if it’s too early for actual mulled wine. Plus, since it comes from Whittard, it is the perfect gift to buy that is cheap but looks expensive. 

5. S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

This one can be a little difficult to find but if you can, it is very much worth it. A unique reading experience, the main body of the book is a story called Ship of Theseus by fictional author V. M. Straka. But in the margins are the notes of 2 readers. This is where the real story takes place, as 2 strangers communicate their fears and dreams through notes left inside an old book. This is a brilliant gift for anyone that loves to read, especially if they have entered a reading slump. There aren’t many books like this, and it is sure to get anyone excited about reading again. 

6. Birthdate Candles

If you know someone who makes decisions according to their horoscope, there is no better gift for them than this candle. Combining astrology, numerology and tarot, this company has created unique candles for every day of the year with fragrances that supposedly match your spirit. Even if astrology isn’t for you, these candles are great anyway. They have a decent burn time, are made in reusable glass, hand poured in small batches to avoid mass production, and only use natural soy and coconut wax blends. 

7. A Meglio Grid Foam Roller

Does Dad go for a run and then complain about muscle aches the next day? If anyone you know does, then this is a great gift for them. Rated one of the best foam rollers of the year, the Meglio Grid Foam Roller relieves muscle tension, washes away lactic acid and increases flexibility. A great addition to the workout equipment of any fitness nut. Plus, at only 200g, it is ideal for users that are constantly on the go. 

8. The All Too Well Scarf

This one can only be pre-ordered for late January, but if you are willing to put an IOU under the tree, this is the perfect gift for the ‘Swiftie’ in your life. It’s practical, looks good and a great thing to clutch while they scream about dancing in the refrigerator light. However, you may want to keep an eye on it, as this scarf tends to get left at the house of the sister of a significant other… 

9. A Keep Cup

Do you know anyone who spends all day in a coffee shop, simply because they cannot live without a constant supply of coffee? Well with a reusable takeaway cup, they can take the coffee with them, often at a slightly reduced price. The Keep Cup is undeniably the best reusable cup out there. It is easy to take care of, customisable, rarely leaks and keeps drinks warm without burning your hand as you hold it. 

10. A 100 Things Scratch Off Bucket List

Gift Republic does loads of these bucket lists, from Anime to Yoga Poses to Beers. You can find something that works for almost anyone in your life, and it’s the gift that provides 100 other gift ideas! Next year, if there is anything that they haven’t scratched off the list yet, buy them that. Essentially a gift for both you and them. 

And that’s 10 ideas! Now you can step into Christmas fully prepared and slightly less stressed. Good luck, happy shopping and… Merry Christmas!

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