Dartmouth Avenue: A New Secret Study Space In The Heart Of Oldfield

Rumour has it, Dartmouth Avenue is hiding a big secret. Amongst the cold, damp, stone houses of Oldfield Park, there is a new building for Bath students. With a postcode on the SU website that takes you to a different place to the actual building, finding the secret study space was the first challenge. 

After finally finding the Dartmouth Avenue building (see attached map), the next obstacle was guessing where to go. With so many buildings and doors, I was daunted by the challenge of how to actually get into the building. Walking past an intimidating barbed wire fence and a large ‘No entry’ sign, I was relieved to find a rainbow of SU stickers plastered across the windows, making me feel a little more welcome. 

I entered the main building and was immediately faced with the two rooms I was looking for: the study room and the lounge. Equipped with a lounge, a combat sports training area, a cue sports room, bookable rooms for societies and a study room, Dartmouth Avenue seems to have anything you could want. There is even table tennis! 

When you are sick of your freezing cold, slug infested and chronically broken house, you can escape to the colourful and comfy chairs in the lounge of Dartmouth Avenue. Soothe your despair by sinking into a beanbag with a book or drag your house along for a game of table tennis. Kitted out with 2 microwaves and a sink, you don’t even have to go home to make lunch. You can also reach Moorland Road with an 8-minute walk if you’re craving Greggs or Subway for lunch. The building definitely seems to be designed more for societies and socialising than studying.

Despite the perfect location near Moorland Road, there didn’t appear to be a lot of desks and I only managed to find one study room. But with a grand total of 4 other students in the whole building, you won’t struggle to find a seat. Once you get past the abandoned school feeling of Dartmouth Avenue, it’s a quiet and convenient place to study. On the days that you don’t have the energy to travel to Virgil or campus, you can’t get anywhere closer than Dartmouth Avenue. No doubt fights will break out over seats in the study room in January. After all, it is right in the centre of Oldfield. 

If you ask me, it’s a bribe to get students to check out the new building, but the SU is giving away mince pies and non-alcoholic mulled wine (you won’t miss the large no alcohol sign in the lounge), on Tuesday the 14th of December from 3pm. There will also be ‘music and more’, so this is the perfect opportunity to head over to Dartmouth Avenue and see what you think. So get your house together, take the short walk over there and get some free food!

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