Bath’s No.1 Attraction: No.1 Royal Crescent

Stepping into No.1 Royal Crescent was very literally like stepping onto the set of Bridgerton from the moment we stepped through the door. High ceilings for days, opulent furnishings topped off with a palpable sense of grandeur, Bath Time’s Editor In Chief and Lifestyle Editor ventured into this beautiful, historic building to get a real taste of the experience they have just launched to the public.

Characterised by projections, voice-overs and very beautiful props, the experience leads you around the entire building, following a day in the life of the upper class family who used to spend ‘high season’ in Bath during the 18th century. Serving as one of the set locations for Bridgerton, the entire museum was filled with artwork, furniture and various household objects that brought the entire visit to life and offered a great sense of reality and depth.

Each room had its own personality and flair, offering a real visual treat to the budding interior designers amongst us. As well as fulfilling all of our aesthetic expectations, the information and immersive experience was what made this visit truly superb. Giving us an insight into the daily life and occupations of each family member, ranging from the perspective of the father of the house to the scullery maids, the experience gives a very well-rounded and enlightening perspective into the past.

While most of us know it as the default city tourist attraction, the Royal Crescent is one of those landmarks that has actually maintained its status as a social hotspot throughout the ages. When it was originally built, No.1 was the first to go up and it began its purpose as the place for promenading, where the wealthy would showcase their newest clothes and accessories with the intention of letting their peers know that they could follow and sustain a new trend. 

With Covid restrictions being fully recognised and implemented throughout the entire museum, this experience offers a safe way to enjoy Bath’s beautiful heritage, with a few hand-sanitising stations dotted about the place bringing guests very much back into the present day.

Authentic, rich and truly enjoyable, this is a great way to spend a few hours gaining a deeper understanding of the history within which Bath’s city culture is entrenched.

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