Your 2021/22 SU Officers

The people have spoken and results are in. Let’s meet your SU officers for 2021/22.

Jacob will be your next Education Officer.

2215 Jacob / Ben 708 / 129 RON

With 72.6% of the vote, Jacob Withington is your next Education Officer. His top priority, as told to Campus TV, is the introduction of Liberation Academic Representatives to ensure the voices of groups such as disabled, BAME and international students are integrated into academic decision-making. He also promises a universal reading week, increased transparency on exam marking, and a campaign to help international students identify which placement providers are able to sponsor tier 4 visas. 

Winning the race for Community Officer is Meg.

1777 Meg / 1406 Heleen / 99 RON 

With 54.1% of the vote, Meg is your next Community Officer. Having volunteered with Nightline and speaking frequently to male callers, Meg told Bath Time that mobilising campaigns that promote male mental health is one of her main goals during her time as Community Officer this year. Meg is also keen to begin discussions with the University and landlords in Bath on rent rebates for students. 

Your Sports Officer for 2021/22 is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth 1699 / Chris 1225 / RON 103

With 56.1% of the vote, Elizabeth Stacey is your next Sports Officer. As reported by Bath Time, Elizabeth wants to ensure that SU Sport is able to effectively engage with students once restrictions are lifted and present itself as safe and welcoming. Furthermore, Elizabeth wants to organise second-hand kit and equipment sales to reduce the amount of new kit purchased every year.

And Sid is Postgraduate Officer.

Sid 1379 / Tony 987 / RON 161

With 54.6% of the vote, Sid Singh is your next Postgraduate Officer. Sid completed his undergraduate degree in India and is determined to create a handbook for International students to be translated into different languages, giving them a basic overview of the essentials of getting around in Bath. Additionally, Sid wants to introduce a variety of offline and online socials to allow students to adapt to life outside of lockdown.

Your SU President is Annie Willingham

Annie 1837 / Rachelle 1030 / Kamakshi 336 / RON 115

Taking the role of President with 55.4% of the vote is our current Education officer, Annie Willingham. Annie’s campaign emphasised her track record of delivering for students on academic matters, and promised more of the same on questions of accountability, inclusion and student consultation. Some of her key pledges include developing a University app with everything students need in one place, opening a Zero Waste store on campus and rebuilding the University community with events designed by students. As President she will also be responsible for ensuring students’ interests are considered at the heart of the SU’s financial recovery.

On behalf of everyone at Student Media, we’d like to congratulate and thank every single candidate who ran in this week’s elections. The quality of campaigning was outstanding across the board thanks to everyone’s commitment to improve the student experience. Particular congratulations to the successful candidates, we can’t wait to see what you do – we’ll be watching…

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