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The Bath bucket list: how to get the most out of your final days here

Photo Credits: Geograph

If you are lucky enough to still have a few days left in Bath, you might be feeling like you haven’t fully experienced the city this year. Thankfully, we final year Bath aficionados are here to save the day – here’s our Bath bucket list to help you condense a semester’s worth of celebration into two days. 

Kingsmead Kitchen 

Kingsmead Kitchen offers a delicious and fulfilling menu, making it strong competition for the student favourite BTP across the square. It’s usually an overly cosy venue, with diners piled on top of one another, but with stringent COVID safety measures in place there won’t be a better time to go. 

Café au Lait 

It’s one of the first places you notice as you leave the train station on returning to Bath, so if you’ve previously found yourself idly wondering what Café au Lait may be like, before drifting off into Southgate and beyond, now is the time to get some answers. It’s a beautiful, family-owned treat that offers delicious food and drinks at a reasonable price. You could be off the train or bus and enjoying Café au Lait’s snug, friendly ambience in minutes. 

The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe . . . or Sally Lunn’s  

One may be forgiven for mistaking Bath to be a quaint, calm city, free from controversy and infighting. However, the age-old war of those in favour of the ‘Bath Bun’ vs those with a preference for the ‘Sally Lunn Bun’ continues to spark emotionally-charged squabbles among residents. In your time at university, you may start to discover a leaning towards red or blue, an affinity with Bridge or Komedia and an inclination towards Taka Taka or Alfalafel …. but will you opt for the currant-laced bun containing an entire sugar cube or the larger, brioche-like bun? You’re one trip to The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe and Sally Lunn’s away from finding out. 

The Little Theatre 

By Bath standards, an establishment only dating back to 1935 is fresh, hip and funky. However, in comparison to the modern beasts of the Odeon and the Showcase, The Little Theatre has a charming, antique touch. If you’re hoping to support smaller chains this Christmas, we would recommend The Little Theatre as a cosy and endearing candidate for the escapism we often now crave. 

Green Park 

Bath’s hub of micro businesses is host to countless independent gems hidden in the disused train station. Traders provide craft wine, quality crepes or quirky socks and you can even pick up a record or two while you’re there. 

The Oven 

The name says it all: the pizzas go in the oven for no longer than 90 seconds, and 90 seconds is all it takes this artisan pizzeria to fulfil your all your Neapolitan desires. You’ll probably leave Bath without a bun in the oven, but you sure as anything shouldn’t leave without getting yourself in there.   


This family-run tapas and sherry bar provides an exquisite range of small plates for carnivores and vegetarians alike – since summer, I’ve personally made three separate excuses to go and ordered very different dishes each time. For food, stick with the manchego, Basque sausage and the classic patatas bravas, and to drink it’s got to be the tinto de verano – you’ll be attempting your own concoction weeks after. 

The Raven 

If you’re after a proper* pub experience that just about justifies a ‘substantial meal’, the Raven has everything you’re looking for. Their bars are well-stocked with a range of local and exclusive ales, each pairing perfectly with any of their pies, which are, without exception, the best pies south of Sheffield.  

Art Bar & Abbey Hotel 

We both came here in second year and to say it was the best food we ate that year would be a cruel understatement; nothing has since come close. The restaurant is an assured choice if you’re looking to step your eating up a notch, but the real gem here is the Art Bar. Just next to the restaurant, you’ll find a decadent bar with regularly changing artwork, quality drinks served by experienced mixologists, and critically, some dangerously comfy armchairs.  

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